Blacking Out

So I’ve been dieting for the past couple of weeks. I have also been walking for a minimum of 3 hours everyday to burn off the calories. Obviously enough, I have reduced my food intake. Yesterday, while over at my friend’s place, I blacked out. Well, I almost blacked out. We were eating in the kitchen and I was almost done with my food when I started feeling sick. I told B that I needed to sit down and he told me to wait while he got one of those folding chairs. He got held up and I followed him to the other end of the house and told him to quickly get the chair. He set it down in the nick of time. Everything was spinning by then and I couldn’t stand, well, standing. All the noises started to fade and I was going deaf. I sat down, after almost collapsing, and regained composure. B gave me some strawberry milk after that. Aah, strawberry milk… I haven’t enjoyed a luxury like that since my diet began. And I have this almost-blackout to thank.

It was like a near-death experience.
Not really, no.
But then again, every time someone crashes into me, my brain falsely claims that they tried to kill me.

B’s mom thought that I felt dizzy because of the heat. I think so too. I haven’t told my parents yet because I’m pretty sure that they’re going to think it’s because of me being on a diet. B’s sister thinks that though. But the funny thing is, dear reader, that I felt dizzy while I was eating. So it can’t be because of my diet. Not eating has never been a problem for me. I don’t feel dizzy if I’m starving. Just the occasional growls, that’s all.

I blacked out once long ago because it got really hot. I got dizzy and I “hit the floor”. My loving daddy carried me and tucked me in bed after that. I had blacked out for just a few seconds but I was crying all the while, my dad said. I remember crying a lot when I was back in my senses again too.

Yeah, yesterday’s fainting fiasco was probably because of the heat. It’s like freakin’ 45 degrees in this country during summer. I’d think I wasn’t normal if the “heat didn’t go to my head” if you know what I mean.


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2 responses to “Blacking Out

  1. K

    hun sorry to break it to you but the heat went to your head ages ago =P

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