Internet Cafes and Increasing Prices

Some time ago, I frequented an Internet cafe + restaurant. They honestly charge way too much for way too little. A friend and I were going there for Internet work and obviously, common dining etiquette (and cafe policies) require that to sit in a cafe or restaurant, you need to order something from their menu. Unfortunately, their wi-fi Internet doesn’t count. It cost around 15 Dirhams for an hour, if I remember correctly. Every time we would go there, I would try to send messages to the brains of the waitress that evening. Messages like, “No, I know it looks like I’m here for the Internet, but I’m really not. I really enjoy your fine cuisine… Like your Coke.” And on most days, a Cola drink is all I would have there. Sometimes a burger (which actually was rather tasty) on really hungry days. A Cola would cost 5 Dirhams! FIVE WHOLE DIRHAMS! What on earth?! But yeah, a few years ago, the price was just 1 Dirham. Then it became 1.50 in some places. And in some other places, it’s 5. In some OTHER places it’s 7. There’s this fancy shmancy restaurant place that charges around 8 Dirhams for a small bottle of Evian water. But oh well, the prices here are rising without any signs of slowing down. So many jobs lost, salaries cut, rising prices… Economic doom! Well, recession, in economic terms. The good thing is that it’s a cycle. So we won’t be in this position forever. But you know what I really hope isn’t happening? I really hope that the working class people are being paid enough to make ends meet. Especially the laborers. I see them working day and night, changing shifts, wiping the sweat off their brows in this blistering heat… And I can just hope and pray that they’re able to earn enough. They work a lot harder and more hours than office workers, methinks. They’re working a very risky job. They should be paid more to compensate for that risk. It always hurts to look at them though. Their limbs work a lot more than my brain does. And they don’t even have a choice.

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