Hello Kitty! =D

Today, my friend and I fed a little kitten! It was so nice. There’s this kitten that usually hangs around near this shopping center that we pass by almost everyday. So today, after many many days, I mustered up the courage to stroke the little cat. As I put my hand close to her, she seemed a little hesitant but then looked up at me with big beautiful eyes and I stroked her head a little. Later, my friend and I sat down on the stairs to play with her. Another man was stroking her back and when we came, she came running to us and went near my friend and stretched. I absolutely love the way that cats stretch. My friend was stroking her then and she seemed to be loving being stroked. And then she opened her mouth real wide and headed towards his hand which he instinctively pulled back. Then she came towards me, and went beneath my legs and stayed there. She looked up at me and I stroked her a bit. She looked so beautiful when she was looking up at me with those big eyes. It was so picturesque and I wanted to get my camera out but obviously, the mice can’t play when the cat isn’t away. She was reaching out for my hand though, while I was stroking her. We then went to a supermarket nearby to pick up some milk. We didn’t have a container to put it in though and we almost dropped the idea. Then B suggested picking up some cat food. We picked up a can and as we approached the stairway, B opened up the can and as soon as the kitty caught sight of us, she meowed so loudly and came running towards us.


Then B set the can down and she turned into a fierce little tigress gnawing her way through the food. She was really hungry, it seemed. Later, some shopkeepers from the shopping center came around. One of the picked up the tin which was on the stairway and I was like wtf, why is he taking the can away 😮 we just bought food for the kitty! We didn’t poison it! But then he just set it down far away from the mall in a corner. He removed the food from the tin and put it on some foil cardboard. He also left some water for it in a container. I’ve seen him playing with the kitten everyday. I think it’s awfully nice of him. He shares his lunch food with it too. Bless him. Lots of people have started looking after the little kitten and every now and then someone comes along to play with it. She’s a feisty little one though! She sleeps on the stairway and sometimes, near the entrance when it she wants to feel cool.

Kitty sleeping

Kitty sleeping

She’s so lovely. I want to take her home!
I dub thee “Kitty Lou”.

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