Hello to my 2 and a half readers. I haven’t blogged in over a week. And my blog hits have barely changed.


Anyhow, I wasn’t blogging much because I was ill. I had severe headaches which lasted for hours, and then I caught the flu. Then, even though I was at home for about 2 days with no contact at all with the outside world for those 3 days, I got a throat infection. And it was a bitch. I couldn’t swallow my own spit down. That’s not even the worst part. The infection only acted up during the night and thus, I was unable to sleep. On the 4th or 5th day, I went to the doctor who gave me a flu shot to bring my skyrocketing temperature of 102 degrees down. For my safety and my health, the clinic doctor advised that I go to the hospital and get some glucose and IV or whatever that shizzle is. Onward we raced, to the hospital, for dear life was hanging by a string. The flu had gone thanks to the injection, but I was too weak and something needed to be done. The doctor at the hospital didn’t think so, though. He just used his stethoscope, looking down my throat and that was it. Where was the glucose? The IV? The hospital bed I would have to be in for the day? He prescribed some over-the-counter medicines and that was it. And it made me think that the clinic was probably afraid it might be swine flu. That was probably why they sent me to the hospital for a full-on check-up that they didn’t have the facilities for. Hmm. I was using this really kickass thing for my headaches though. It was this tiny little stick called 4head that I needed to apply on my, well, forehead, duh. It kind of burned my eyes though. That was probably because it fascinated me and I applied it every few minutes. The best part about it was that it barely left a residue. It left behind this cool, tingly feeling that helped me relax.

And that was how I spent the last week of my summer before University. A romantic week in bed with Influenza. I was on antibiotics then and I really have to say that though they get the job done, they side effects are bloody painful. My body kept needing to discard all the food I was taking in, even if I wasn’t taking in much. I was also turning a little deaf. My body was aching and oh yeah, it left this horrible hollow feeling in my stomach. I was eating every 2 hours or so instead of the usual 6-7 hours. I hated that hollow feeling. I would eat and feel so damn full and then in a few minutes I would be starving again. I am, however, extremely delighted to say that my body rejecting the food helped accelerate the goal I am trying to reach with my diet and workout routine. So yay.

I’m just glad the Flu’s gone. I haven’t been to the doctor because of the flu for so many years now. But this time, it was just bad and it wouldn’t go away. I had fever probably because of the infection, which came after the fever, and I have absolutely no idea how. There was also some blood in my mucus. One time, I spat out and I saw the blood and totally flipped out. I thought a part of my throat got dislodged. It’s stupid but I thought Tony fell out. Yeah, I really don’t know why the little guy in our mouths is called Tony but well, the name stuck.

I was well enough to go out on the last day of my summer holidays and I spent a good day out with my friends. Pretty relaxing. I ate French Fries. They tasted really good. And sweet. Why? Because I accidentally sprinkled my fries with sugar instead. In my defence, I was talking to my friend when I picked up the sachet. And yes, I felt the difference in texture but didn’t bother to wonder why. It tasted pretty good though. Really.

I’m at University right now. Had a lecture on Internet Marketing today. It was the SHIT. It was so damn interesting and it’s pretty cool because we have our own perspectives of this stuff. I hope it’s easy. It wasn’t compulsory for me to take up this subject so I really hope it’s an easy one that doesn’t require too much effort. TOTALLY interesting though. Something new I learned in class:

  1. Obama is on Facebook.
  2. Sheikh Mohammad is on Facebook.

If you’re thinking that I have been under a rock, I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been living the life of a hermit and I hadn’t the faintest idea that Obama and Sheikh Mohammad were on FACEBOOK!

Also, another very interesting thing I learned was that Yahoo is acquiring Maktoob. Like, omg, holy canoodlee. Maktoob conducts these surveys through Arab Eye in exchange for points which you can redeem with online purchases. While I have earned a good deal of points there so far, I have also been greatly offended. Normally, surveys carry around 5 points. And sometimes, the surveys, though 5 points (sometimes 30), would lovingly give me 0 points. And then Hulk-like fury sets in over the loss of precious time. It has rarely happened though. And the whole redeemable points system is pretty cool. You can make purchases online from Souq, I’ve heard. Fo shizzzzeeeeeeaaaaaal.

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