The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

I have gone, I am pleased to say, on a reading spree. I picked up The God of Small Things written by Arundhati Roy, an Indian writer. Arundhati Roy has incredible command of words and her writing style is very unique. Her writing is very impressive. The story is set in the state of Kerala (South India) and touches upon the themes of family, love, friendship, religion, caste and nationality. What is greatly entertaining is the manner in which Arundhati Roy’s tone becomes child like, which is dominant especially when she is narrating incidents about the children in the novel.  I thought that their childhood was captured most vividly. The plot too is rather interesting and the end sort of gave me goosebumps all over. She makes use of the Flashback technique immensely, which confused me a bit. I would have to accredit that to my rather weak attention span though. There were parts of the book that I found a little dry and would just skim through the lines, picking up the main keywords and the gist of the paragraphs. It was seldom that I had to do this though. It’s because I’m not really into highly descriptive scenes. For those who aren’t like that, you won’t be skimming through any paragraphs at all 🙂

It’s a good story about how a family is torn apart and also touches upon how society, made up of all its flaws, can make or break you. It’s about change, death, love (family, Godly, friendly, pedophile), star-crossed lovers, dependence and happiness or perhaps the lack of it.

Roy’s writing style is absolutely brilliant and very well crafted to suit her characters and the situations they are in. Vivid descriptions (sometimes too vivid, ergo slightly dull). The ending couldn’t be more perfect. Her story is so well planned that it’s as though we’re reading it backwards and yet it makes perfect sense. There was a dreamlike quality evident in some places which was very inviting.

All in all, I’d say it’s a good book and an interesting read. Go for it.

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