A bad day, a baptism, a birthday, a book and a blog

I had a horrible day yesterday. I had a class at 8:30 in the morning and so, since I take the metro to Uni, I had to leave my house by 7:15 at the latest, to get the 8 am shuttle bus that my Uni provides. What happened was that I left my house in a fabulous mood. I was even singing. That’s how good I was feeling. My friend’s name ends with ‘lova’ so I was singing Mr Boombastic, exchanging Mr Lova Lova for Miss **lova Lova, while making a mental note to tell her about it have a few laughs.

So I was like “Mr Boombastic, say me fantastic, touch me in me back she say I’m rooooooooooooomatherfacker!!!” I slipped on an oil slick. At least I hope it was an oil slick and not a garbage leak from the municipality bins. Either way, I had to go back upstairs because my nice jeans had a horrid stain on them, as did my nice sandals. My foot got dirty. I slipped and landed on my left knee and now my left thigh is very sore. Thanks to this nice little “spill” I knew I was going to be late for class. I changed my clothes and washed my foot and wore another pair of slippers and left my house. It was now 7:30. I got into the train, thinking I could still perhaps make it and get the 8 am bus to Uni. But of course. What else could go wrong? Surely, I would make it on time. Surely. What could possibly go wrong except for the dreaded “technical difficulty”? The train broke down and we were delayed by maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Then an announcement was made: “The train will terminate at the next stop.” So everyone got off. Then they announced again: “Disregard the previous announcement.” The train started to work again so everyone got back on it.

I was 15 minutes late to class. Thankfully, the professor didn’t say anything to me, unlike last week. This other guy and I walked in late to be “thanked for coming to class”. So embarrassing, lol.

It was my friend’s baby’s baptism yesterday. It was the first time I had ever attended a baptism. The Priest was very nice. He talked to my friend and me quite a bit. He was very lively, albeit aged. Very energetic. He was, however, a bit nosy, for want of a better word. The kind of guy whose manner of speaking is such that it makes you feel bad for not being Christian enough. Yesterday for the first time I discovered that there are different types of baptisms according to denominations. My friend also revealed to me yesterday that she has had an affinity with Hindus for the longest time and she didn’t know why. She then told me that she recently found out that her ancestors were Hindus to converted to Christianity and became Protestants. Her affinity then explained itself. Her name is also of Hindu origin. It’s pretty cool. We even talked about how religions are all telling one another that they will go to hell from being outside of that religion. The funny thing is, almost all religions, even different sects in the same religion, say this about other religions. In Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma, as per my knowledge, hell exists but it is not a permanent place. I think it’s a place where you repent and atone for your sins after death, and once this is done, you start over. You are given another chance to repair yourself and attain heaven. No one really ever asks me to explain Hinduism or Krishna Consciousness to them. In a way it is good because I’m not well-versed in these matters. I don’t know a lot. It would be nice though to talk to someone who is interested in learning about this Eastern religion. Everyone seems to want to talk about their religion but they never want to learn about anyone else’s. I’m not tooting my own horn but I enjoy reading and learning about other religions. It saddens me a bit that others do not reciprocate. I get heat sometimes, for being Hindu – religion of the idols, of the devil, hellish, satanic, paganism, false… So it’s rather useless to try and explain to people who don’t want to listen. We’re not bad people.

Anyway, it was my birthday last week. I turned 19. [Warning: Lame joke coming up] On my birthday, I told my friend that I can’t believe I’m 19 now. He said, “Yeah, just the other day you were 18.” And I was like, “Yeah dude, feels like it was just yesterday.”



Yeah, I really laughed hard at the time. It still cracks me up.

Last year, I decided that I want to do something new every year. So this year, I think I’m going to try and become a published writer. I really suck at writing stories though, but I must continue that book I started to write some time ago. My last attempt was just an epic fail. It started off as a submission for a short-story writing competition. But I had trouble staying in the word limit of 1500 words so I just gave it up. I would really like to become a published writer this year. It would be grand.

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