It’s raining, it’s pouring.

Ain’t nobody snoring though. Go figure. No one sleeps when it rains here. Everyone’s pretty excited because it doesn’t rain very often. But it sure rained a heck lot yesterday. My University campus was like flooded. The water level was ankle high. There was a water level in my boots as well. Call me stupid but yeah, I had no idea that water permeates through leather. I mean, they never taught this stuff in school.

Chapter 1: Don’t wear leather shoes in rain.

Gumboots (rainboots) and wellingtons are the way to go. I wonder if they sell them in Dubai, though. People will think I’m balmy. No one complains too much about the rain and having to buy shoes to wear in the rain or cold, etc. I’ve been looking for warm stuff to wrap myself in for like a month now. Never found anything. My friend was wearing purple ballerina pumps. When she took off her shoes, her toes were purple because all the color from her shoes came off. Lol. Those wearing slippers had no complaints. They were kind of loving it. Their slippers were easy to clean, as were their feet. My feet looked like prunes. There was water in my boots for maybe 3-4 hours. Instead of the usual tick-tock of my shoes, I could hear the squish-squash. But, my friends, there was a silver lining. Oh yeah. Big time. My toes got tanned during the summer and it looked awful. (I wear a lot of sandals and slippers, so my little toes are almost always exposed to the desert sun.) So having the water in my boots, kind of made my legs fairer. The dark lines on my feet have disappeared and my toes don’t look grayish anymore. I scrubbed my toes hard and for so long, for so many days and weeks and months and they never got lighter. But this totally did the trick! I have to say though, there are some callouses. I don’t put a lot of cream on my feet (which I should do) and so the water also kind of made up for the lack of moisturizing.

Chapter 2: Carry an umbrella.

It does not look as stupid as some might think. At least you won’t feel the raindrops hitting your head. I was wearing a beanie under my jacket hood. So my head was covered but my forehead and face kept getting wet. Not to mention handbag.

Chapter 3: Don’t carry a leather purse.

If possible, carry the cheapest purse you might have. Better yet, don’t even carry a purse. I got lucky because someone recently gifted me a purse that had a plastic covering. So there was no water in my purse. Hurrah! Except for the middle section. But that’s a section that has no zip. It’s held together by a little magnet thing in the center. So that doesn’t count.

Chapter 4: Raincoats, anoraks, windcheaters.

Our best friends. I was thinking it would be a good idea to wear a warm sweater underneath an anorak or something. Water won’t get through and I would be so warm then. If I just wore a sweater, water would totally soak through. I wore a hoodie that was thick, but made of cotton. It got wet but not too much. I was wearing a sweater underneath it as well.

Chapter 5: Wear jeans.

They’re easy to wash and colour doesn’t really come off, unlike other materials. It’s always better though, to wear pants that stop above your ankle (or fold them till there) so that your pants don’t get soaked at the bottom.

Chapter 6: DO NOT wear white.

Never ever wear white. NEVER. If you’re a girl, no one will take their eyes off you. And if you’re a guy, no one will want to look at you. Ever.

What a day it was to rain. I had an Accounting exam yesterday morning. There was a lot of traffic. I was going to take the metro to Uni but luckily, my friend called me and said she would be able to drive me there. I also broke my Estee Lauder perfume bottle. How, you ask? I was removing a pouch from my purse in the washroom and my perfume bottle, which is very pen-like, was under the flap of the pouch. And I didn’t see it until I removed the pouch in a very macho-man type of motion and the next thing I knew, I had flung the perfume bottle which hit the wall and fell down, and shattered. The washroom smelled awfully nice then, though. It was a good perfume. RIP. I love you, Perfume.

Lucky for me though I have another bottle of it. I was gifted two! So there was really no need for all the melodrama that I just finished expressing.

There was news that a thunderstorm might be heading our way. It was supposed to happen yesterday. I kind of waited for it. I couldn’t sleep because of it. I kept looking out the window. Then eventually, sleep kissed my eyes. And when I woke up, it was bright and sunny. All the muddy puddles are gone. The roads are dry. My shoes are dry. Yes. It feels an awful lot like a summer day today though. The only difference is that there is still cold wind blowing.

The temperature hasn’t gone below 18 degrees Celsius. But I, I freeze. I feel like I’m living in a refrigerator.

Yeah, totally ‘cool’.

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