Miracles and Experiences in Krishna Consciousness

Here are true stories of miracles and profound experiences that have happened to me, my friends, my friends’ friends, and devotees all over the globe

  • This true story is about a woman and her family being haunted by a ghost for 9 years
  • Another story about how Bhaktivinode Thakur drove away a brahmana ghost
  • Nrishinga Deva saves his 5-year-old devotee [Note: Many other short stories of miracles related to Nrishinga Deva are in the comments section on the same page]
  • Krishna’s milk miracle
  • Miracles of Lord Guruvayoorappan (another form of Vishnu)
  • Recently, a devotee I know told me about how her friend’s family prepared 15 dishes daily especially to offer to Krsna. It appears that Krsna is greatly pleased with this act of love and devotion that he actually eats what has been offered πŸ™‚ The food offered does not completely disappear but reduces significantly!
  • The same devotee who told me the above story mentions that Krishna plays pranks on her often. Sometimes the peacock feather on her deity keeps falling off. Sometimes the diyas won’t light up. As soon as she tells Krishna that she knows he is playing jokes on her and she knows it is His doing, the diya will light and the feather won’t fall. She often feels his presence and she feels his child-like anger when she doesn’t spend enough time with Him.
  • Some time ago, one of my friends, S, had to go to India for some time with her parents, while her younger brother and sister would stay here in Dubai. This was sudden as she had to go due to an emergency. I knew she was going to India through another friend but S didn’t get the chance to tell me herself. So she was scheduled to leave on 31st December. On the 30th night, I had a dream. It was a dream within a dream. I dreamt, within the dream that Krishna wanted her to go to India. This dream was apparently on the 27th of December. Then, again in the dream, I called up S and told her that God wanted her to go to India. Then I woke up (for real) and I called her to tell her about the dream. She said her devotee friends were attending a festival in India and perhaps now, she might be able to go for it after all since she was going to India. We thought this was maybe why Krishna wanted for her to go to India. I thought something special was on its way. So she went to India, it was rather uneventful, except for the fact that she got to know someone who wanted her to read the Bhagavad Gita. She came back sooner than expected and before the festival. Some time later, she told me that she thought she knew why Krishna wanted her to go to India. A day or two after she left, her brother and sister got into a bad car accident. They were waiting for the signal to turn green when a car came and crashed into them from behind very badly. This forced her sister’s car to hit the car in front. The car got cancelled and the back of their car was terribly damaged. Had S been here in Dubai, she would have been in the backseat. Had she been in the backseat, she would have been dead, or injured very badly at the least.”Anyone sitting in the backseat wouldn’t have come out alive,” she told me.
    If she was in Dubai, either S or her brother would be sitting in the back, most likely S. But this is Krishna, showering his mercy. And we must be grateful. Haribol!
  • I often find that whenever I have doubts about certain things, Krishna always explains it to me by somehow getting me an article, or a useful website, or perhaps even through other people. I have also experienced that when my mind is in a lot of doubt, and I pray sincerely to Krishna to resolve it, He really does! He brings me to situations that will lead to the situations being resolved, which leaves me in a peaceful state. MERCY!
  • Here is a link to a dream I once had that has had a significant impact on my life
  • I remember when S started becoming Krishna Conscious, many things started happening. I think it was on Lord Balarama’s appearance day if I’m not mistaken, when she was taking a walk with some of her friends and she happened to find flowers on the road that no one else had noticed. She also somehow would always get to eat what she craved everyday for around 4 months while her parents were out of town. Somehow, her aunt always cooked what she craved. This happened to me too, but not as often as it did to her.
  • Many of Lord Nrsimha Deva’s pastimes or mercy stories are here and here (be sure to view all the links!)

I will keep updating as I find more stories! Hare Krsna πŸ™‚


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  1. meghana reddy

    hello sir,

    i wanna share one of my dreamz about lord krishna and please give me reply about what you think of my dream… i’ll be waiting sir.

    in my dream.., i was standing on the top floor of some building nd i was fully depressed of my life..i was thinking bout all the failures in my life..
    sudenly when i turned back, i saw an idol of lord krishna, it was of 6 feet maybe.
    after seeing that idol.. i rushed towards the idol and hugged him. i dont know y did i do that in my dream, but i was hugging him and was crying like a small baby ( it luked lyk i was sharing all my sorrows with my best friend) . after that i kissed him on the cheek, i was feeling very thankfull to him for being with me in all the hard times that came through…
    and then sudenly i felt that it was not a normal idol of srikrishna but it was the lord krishna himself..with this doubt i stopd huggin him and watched him closely.. i was feeling like its not an idol but god wants it to be seem just like an idol.. after watching the idol..i, again hugged it..
    thats all i could remember about this dream..can anyone please tell me what it means!! awaiting for your replies πŸ™‚

    jai sri krishna!!

    • DrainPiper

      Hare Krishna, Meghana πŸ™‚

      I’m not a ‘sir’ lol I’m a girl :p Hehe but that’s alright.. anyway, coming to your dream…
      First let me say that you are so blessed to see Krishna in your dreams! Now according to me, your dream is exactly representative of what I have been taught about Krishna and idols. Srila Prabhupada says that Krishna has allowed Himself to be present in certain statues. We are not simply blindly worshipping some dolls made of materials like clay, metal etc. We are worshipping God who has kindly appeared in the form of a statue to help us visualize Him better. Even I have had dreams where my murtis have come alive. It just makes me feel like Krishna is really present in the form of his statues and when I worship the murti, I am also worshipping Him. It helps me to believe that He is receiving my worship. Moreover, you understood this in your dream, since you said that you understood it is not really an idol per se but God wants it to be so.

      According to me, your dream just shows me how attached you are to Krishna, and how Krishna saves you. Like you were depressed, thinking about all your tough times, and He was there right behind you all the while, supporting you. What you mentioned about crying like a baby is what Srila Prabhupada says about how we should approach Krishna, and how we should pray and chant… like a baby crying for its mother.

      Have you been wondering lately, whether Krishna is real or not? Or if you should worship him in the form of his murtis? Because to me, it feels like He is answering some questions you have. I also believe He wants to let you know that in times of trouble, you can rely on Him. I somehow feel like you may have been wondering whether He is really listening, or if His murti is just another doll or a statue, without life. I apologize if I am mistaken, but I don’t know why it feels this way. I hope you don’t mind me saying this. Somehow your dream makes me feel like He is answering some of your questions through this dream..

      Hare Krishna, Meghana. I hope I have not offended you in any way πŸ™‚

  2. meghana reddy

    hi πŸ˜€ its me again!!!
    thnq u 4 leaving a reply… what u’ve said is true…. sometimes i’ll just wonder that whether lord krishna is really listening to my prayers…but in my life, i’ve faced with situations that could take away my life…but lord krishna always saves me at the last minute.
    he will just answer in an unexpected way, he always performs miracles.
    i wanna see him again in my dreamz but i think it takes time 😦
    nyway…sorry 4 callin u sir πŸ˜‰

  3. meghana reddy


    hi.. no.. u haven’t offended me…thanq u 4 replying..
    yes, sometimes i feel like whether he is really listening to me or not… but its amazing how you’ve felt it just by reading about my dream… can i ask you the reason y you’ve felt like that??

    hare krishna!! jai sree krishna!!

    • DrainPiper

      Hare Krishna Meghana! It’s nice to hear from you again πŸ™‚

      Well personally, I myself keep doubting Krishna again and again, wondering if He is real, whether He is listening to me, whether He loves me, etc etc. So when you told me about your dream, somehow it felt like something I could completely relate to. As if Krishna was showing me, through your dream, that He is listening. I have also had dreams similar to yours, where He shows me that He is real. So because I have these doubts, I interpreted your dream in such a way. And your dream just made it seem so clear that He was trying to tell you that He is real and that He accepts worship in His deity form. That’s what made me wonder if you have been unsure about worshipping Krishna in the form of murtis.

      Then again, since Krishna is seated in the heart of everyone, it is probable that He inspired these thoughts in my mind! Because of my own personal experience (rather my doubting nature) and your clear dream, it seemed apparent to me that He wants you to know that He is there πŸ™‚

      How has our beloved Madana Mohan made His presence felt in your life? What miracles has He done for you? Would you like to share some, if you don’t mind? I’d love to hear it πŸ™‚

      I read somewhere once that if you pray to Sai Baba for dreams of God, it happens. I tried it once and it worked. Or you can simply ask Krishna to give you some love-filled dreams about Him. One way to get Krishna to come close to you is by you going close to Krishna. The more you keep Him in your heart and in your thoughts, the more you will feel His presence in your life and the more dreams you will have. I admire your desire to see Him in your dreams again. Believe me, Meghana, the Lord reciprocates according to the desires of His devotees. Because this is the desire of your heart, I believe that He will fulfill it because your love is pure and evident. I pray that you may have endless visions of Krishna, be it when you’re asleep or awake or even in between. May Krishna bless you with beautiful dreams of Him always πŸ™‚


  4. meghana reddy

    jai sri krishna!!

    hi.. i would love to tell you all my experiences and thoughts about the almighty. but those things are kinda personal… can i get your email id of any social networking site or yahoo, only if u dont mind!! so, that i can tell you about them!!

  5. dona

    hey πŸ™‚
    wonderful site =)
    well , what you both said makes perfect sense.
    In my case, Krishna has made me a promise. Don’t ask me how-that’s my and his secret.
    At times, I’m ecstatic thinking that He will actually fulfil this promise and thus my dreams.
    But then at times(like today) I’m really depressed and sometimes I even get the horrible thought that Krishna will simply not fulfil his promise and deceive me.
    am really in 2 minds. i love krishna.To me ,he is my everything. Do you think that He is listening to me, hearing my pleas, my desires thereby fulfilling his promise.please reply asap =)

    • DrainPiper

      Yes Yes YES! A million times Yes! He is listening to you. I promise you that He is. A senior devotee recently told me that Krishna says that He lives in our hearts, and so, He knows the deepest desires of our hearts. And He fulfills them as He sees fit.

      You have mentioned that Krishna has made a promise to you. Here is something I read recently in the Mahabharata (by Krishna Dharma):

      “…I speak the truth. The heavens may fall and the Himalayas move, the earth may be rent and the ocean dried up, but know for certain, O Draupadi, that my words will never prove false.” [Page 234, when Krishna is reassuring Draupadi that the Kauravas will pay for their misdeeds]

      So Krishna has given you His word. They will never prove false. Keep faith and trust in Krishna. Be patient. He will fulfill the desires in Your heart, especially if your desire is devotional service. I really loved how you said that He is your everything. Please always keep your love like this. It’s very encouraging and inspiring. Don’t worry, Krishna will fulfill His promise to you and He is always listening to you. So keep praying, keep talking to Him. He’s always listening.

  6. dona

    Thanks for these inspiring words. You’ve made my day. πŸ˜‰
    I guess I already knew everything you told me. It’s just that I needed someone to reassure me. Thanks exponentially πŸ™‚
    And yes, whatever I asked for has no evil/bad /callous intentions behind. Am sure that He is there and is definitely going to answer my prayers. He himself testifies that when one asks something from a pure heart, He answers to that person’s prayers personally.
    You don’t imagine what kind of quagmire you’ve just solved. It is as if Krishna entered your writings and answered my mind’s deepest puzzle.You’re a godsent πŸ™‚
    I Shall let you know what happened and am sure you already know what I am going to tell you. Because,now am confident once again, confident that whether the world may side with untruths, Krishna is with me-in my breath, in my words, in my soul. He is with me at every step and most importantly he listens to me like no one else.
    Sincerely, for me God is only Krishna.
    In fact, it’s not that I don’t believe in other religions or deities-because all religions and deities are finally the same. What Krishna is for me may be Durga for someone, Allah for another person yet Jesus for someone else.
    It’s just that my heart chose Krishna. You wouldn’t believe how He actually entered my life. You know, I talk with Him every now and then.It’s just as if he is an invisible being yet my heart’s eyes can see Him

    Looking forward to tell you the great news soon πŸ™‚

    • DrainPiper

      Hari Hari bol! What beautiful words you wrote about Krishna! I love your devotion. It is so pure and so inspiring! You have encouraged me, too. You share such a loving relationship with Krishna. Do tell us more, if you don’t mind, about your loving exchanges with Krishna. I would love to hear about them. I can sense that they are great great spiritual experiences! Does He really talk to you? Do you really hear His voice? I have heard people say that they have heard God’s voice. If you have heard Krishna’s voice, please please tell me what He sounds like!

      As for your news, I prayed today that if it is in accordance with Krishna’s will, may your heart’s desire be fulfilled quickly. I really wish this for you. I can see that it is something that you really want. If your desire is in line with Krishna’s desires, I hope your prayers will be answered very very soon. Being a devotee, I am quite certain that you would not desire anything that would not please Krishna. Therefore, may your prayers be answered soon. May Krishna shower His blessings on you! May our beautiful Krishna grant you your heart’s desires. And I personally pray that you grow stronger and stronger in your devotion. Krishna will radiate through you and your devotion, and thus you will be able to share Krishna’s love and joy with those that you meet.

      Also, please check my latest post. It is an encouraging real life experience by Sacinandana Swami, titled “Spiritual Surgery and Krishna’s Promise” on this link: https://bloggingupthedrainpipe.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/spiritual-surgery-and-krishnas-promise-sacinandana-swami/

  7. dona

    Hare Krishna,
    I wrote tons of poems on Krishna.Yet, I think this one resumes my core feelings for Him and it also answers some of your questions.

    Dear beloved

    I may not be perfect.
    Yet my love for you is perfect.
    Time flies.
    Yet, my love for you does not get any lesser.
    In fact, I love you more and more everyday.
    I smile to myself whenever I think about us.
    It’s invisible yet I can feel it.
    You guide me in my everyday activities.
    You protect me from everyday dangers.
    You advise me on what to do.
    You support me in difficult times.
    I know you do it.
    Without your will, not a single leaf would move.
    You’re my most prized possession,
    I’m sincere to myself
    In saying I love you

    • DrainPiper

      Hari Hari! That was very beautiful! I felt it flow from your heart. I now see that as a result of your great devotion, Krishna’s presence is so evident in your life! I feel like you have many many great stories to tell. I feel like you have experienced many wonderful miracles, and that you share a great closeness with Krishna. All glories, all glories to Krishna who is bound by bhakti!

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem. Do you happen to have a blog? If not, you should consider setting up one!

  8. dona

    Yes, I’ll consider setting up one in the near future.Rest assured that I’ll inform you first of all πŸ™‚

  9. dona

    Krishna himself inspired me πŸ™‚
    Do leave your comment behind and do tell me what you think πŸ™‚

  10. dona

    Krishna did not fulfil His promise. Just like the others, he leaved my side. I’m completely shattered.

    • DrainPiper

      So sorry to hear that. But don’t lose heart. Perhaps it was not the desire of the Lord after all. He most definitely has a better plan for you though, so keep faith in that idea. Don’t be too disheartened… Krishna probably wants you to learn something from this. Just simply surrender to His will.

      If you need to talk, please feel free to message me. Haribol

  11. dona

    I’ve mailed you on your add.Please reply asap.


  12. megha

    hello Krishna priyas..
    I am new to this forum. I regret that i am. Can you imagine that i am new to Krishna too? Though i am Indian, though i always knew who he is, i still did not know Krishna. I became a devotee recently( ashamed to say the least). I cry to him like a child, everyday. Everyday i talk to him like he was supposed to help me and that i am a nice girl and that he should not let down the good ones, whether or not we are his devotees. I feel selfish of me to ask him for anything actually. Even my happiness. I feel that i will end up treating him like a vending machine. I always always always feel that he will think my desires are silly and that he will say no. I am so scared he will think that. I fear it most of all.. Does he actually know everything? I read somewhere that he creates desire, he nurtures it, protects it, destroys it. In fact that he is desire himself. If he is the reason then why do we feel sometimes that things will not work out or that he just simply says no. The entire universe is under his sway and yet i am scared. that he thinks my wish is silly. i feel he thinks i am not worthy enough for any kind of a reward or fulfillment of my desire because i feel he thinks i am not worth his time and energy. I talk to him everyday, cradle him in my arms everyday, ask him questions, kiss his nectar like face before i go to bed. He is the first thing i see in the morning when i open my eyes. Yet i feel that he will not help me. I almost feel like what if he gives up on me then what? where will i go. I cannot see anything beyond these tiny wishes i have and i feel i will become dead inside if i don’t get it. Is that selfish of me? I see him, i feel him. I feel him smiling at me. A voice inside me goes” be patient, will you, things will work out”. I have become such a huge pessismist that i refuse to trust that voice thinking that all it knows to do is betray me. How will my krishna help? Will he help me at all? Does he think i am worthy!

    Forgive me if i have hurt you Krishna, but please my love, don’t give up on me. Please do not give up on me my Krishna. You are the strength that wakes me up in the morning, the sweet voice that cradles me to bed, the joy that my lips love and the blood my heart bleeds. My love don’t give up on me….

    • DrainPiper

      Hi Megha. Hope you are doing well, by Krishna’s mercy πŸ™‚
      Don’t be ashamed! Better late than never! Moreover, this is what this human life is for – enquiring about the Absolute Truth. Even I always knew Krishna all my life. Knew Him since I was a little girl, studied about Him in school… but I never really loved Him. Only recently did I happen to glance upon His beautiful face and then I just started slowly falling in love with Him. We should be grateful because there are still so many people out there who haven’t had the chance to get to know Him yet. It could have taken us many more lifetimes to know Him but He has mercifully given us a chance in this life itself.

      I know what you mean about asking Him for things. Even I feel like that a LOT. I feel like I am bribing Him. I feel like I am praying to some pagan, made-up god that I need to externally ‘please’ before making and requests. It feels like a trading system or barter, if you will. Another blogger, In Love With Krishna (you can find her blog link on my blog), explained to me that we should do something for Krishna when we want to ask Him for something. Like extra devotional service. But we should see our problems as an excuse to simply pray more and spend more time with God. You see, the thing is, there is no one for us except Him. And He knows that. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that there are 4 reasons why one may turn to Him:

      “O best among the Bharatas [Arjuna], four kinds of pious men render devotional service unto Me–the distressed, the desirer of wealth, the inquisitive, and he who is searching for knowledge of the Absolute.” – BG 7.16

      So even if you are distressed or in need of something, you can still approach Him. He is our Father and our well-wisher. If we need anything, we should ask Him and only Him. Of course, they say that pure devotees do not have any desires or requests from the Lord, but getting to that level is a gradual process. If there is anything you need, you should ask Krishna. Krishna can fulfill our desires even without us asking Him, the way He did with Sudama (I don’t know if you know that leela already but just in case you don’t, you can read about it here: https://bloggingupthedrainpipe.wordpress.com/2010/09/13/krishna-and-sudama-devotion-and-reciprocation/ )
      A lot of the time, even I wonder why Krishna won’t fulfill all my desires. Krishna is in our heart so He knows all of our desires already. But He doesn’t fulfill them when He knows that it will take us away from Him. Krishna only gives what He knows will not hamper a devotee’s bhakti or faith towards Him. So perhaps you can see your desires from a different angle this time – are your desires such that if they were to be fulfilled, would they take you away from Krishna or bring you closer to Him? Do you want your desires fulfilled to enjoy your life or do you want them fulfilled so you can serve Krishna?

      If you keep Krishna at the center, life as a whole becomes much easier to go through. So the same goes for your desires. If Krishna sees that you are trying to work for Him, He will pave the way for you. The purpose of life is to work for Krishna’s pleasure. If Krishna feels like fulfilling your desires is not right at this point in time, or it might lead you away from Him, He won’t risk it! Of course not! He will never risk losing you!

      And Krishna will never ever give up on you! I have sinned against Him so many times, yet He still always lovingly picks me back up. And I, like a fool, keep trying to jump out of His arms again. Krishna loves you and He loves me very very much. If you don’t believe me, just ask Him! Pray for a while, sincerely from your heart, and ask Him. I believe that He will give you an answer. He has answered me so many times. Again and again He has shown me that He loves me. Yet every day, I keep doubting Him, questioning His existence. Read His Gita and keep Him in your thoughts. Keep praying to Him and talking to Him. Get closer to Him and try to learn more about Him so that when He talks to you, you will be able to recognize Him. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Megha. Your wishes are not silly or worthless. You want things and that is natural. He knows that. However, all He wants us to learn is that our desires should be under our control – we should not be slaves to them. The only kind of slaves we should be are slaves for His love. Don’t worry – just keep trying your best. It is hard to keep our desires under control all the time, but again, He is the only one who can help us control them by praying and chanting. And even if you have desires, don’t hesitate to ask Krishna for them. He is our Father and our Friend. If we don’t ask Him, whom will we ask? When Sudama doesn’t ask Krishna to help Him, Krishna feels upset, wondering why Sudama didn’t feel comfortable enough with Him as a friend to tell Him that he was in need of His help. There is no harm or shame in asking Krishna for help. He is God and we are humans. Of course we would always need His help!

      There is also a certain joy Krishna feels in serving His devotees. When someone falls completely head over heels in love with Him, Krishna feels grateful and indebted to them and loves to do things for them. For instance, you see in the Mahabharata, how Krishna, the King of Dwaraka, the Lord of the Universe, agreed to be a charioteer for Arjuna. It is like when a mother or father feel joy when their child makes a request from them. They feel happy to give! If you think about Krishna just a little bit, believe me, you are completely His responsibility. From the moment you start feeling a little faith in Him, when you start devotional service, you are entirely His. He feels grateful and happy that you have come to know Him once again and even if you forget Him, He will never forget you. He will always come and remind you of Himself and make you fall madly in love with Him again. Just keep Him close to you. He says in the Gita that He reciprocates with His devotees according to their degree of faith in Him. So keep having this faith in Him and let it grow. Soon enough, He will reciprocate with you.

      Hare Krishna

  13. manju mishra

    very interested to know that lord krishna is lovely and dearer to all devotees.as you said he reciprocates with his devotees according to their degree of faith in him .now my question is what is the degree of faith in him . please reply as i want to go deep in it .

    • DrainPiper

      Hi Manju,

      From what I understand, you wish to know what ‘degree of faith’ means.

      Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that he reciprocates with devotees according to their degree of faith in him, which means ‘the way in which they are surrendered to him.’ This is what ultimately determines our relationship with him. For instance, if you have a friend that you call only when you need something from him, he will also do the same with you. If you have a friend that you genuinely care about, he will also reciprocate in a genuine manner. Arjuna saw Krishna as his friend and that is how Krishna behaved with him. On the battlefield, Arjuna becomes Krishna’s disciple, and that is when Krishna begins to instruct him as a teacher. Some devotees see Krishna as their father, some as their son, and some as their friend. Krishna reacts accordingly. If one has materialistic and very little belief in Krishna, Krishna may not make his presence felt very strongly in that person’s life if he so wishes. However, if there is someone with very strong faith in Krishna, Krishna may talk to him in several ways, touching his heart and making his presence felt.

      I hope this has been helpful. Do let me know if it is still unclear, and I will try again!

      • manju

        how can you explain bhakti yoga to me especialy when i know that i’m always doing work for my family, spending little time for reading bhagwadgita,chanting mantras 2 rounds a day.
        day by day i feel that i,m feeling bored with social life.some year before i was ambitious.now the matter differs .now i want to gain spiritual knowledge.the knowledge that can give me peace.i don’t know how to serve krishna as you people do 24×7 days.

      • DrainPiper

        Hi Manju! Terribly sorry about the late reply. I haven’t had much time online lately. I would say it is good that you agree inquiring about spiritual matters. I myself do not have too much time to spend engaging in devotional activities. But I try to do little things here and there. I read the Gita, listen to devotional songs, and pray. On most mornings, I recite my favourite sloka. You can do the same. It all starts with a single step. Try to read a verse from the gita everyday, listen to kirtans, download some lectures on to your phone or MP3 player and listen while you go about your activities. Surely you will find yourself drawn to Krishna even more!

  14. arun

    krishna is great

  15. mrcuteblackie

    Why do people dream of the statue rather than the living Lord Krishna?

    • DrainPiper

      Can’t really say for certain that people don’t dream of Krishna himself. I’ve had a dream, where I was Krishna came to me in a dream – not as a statue. I’ve had other dreams where he is first in statue form and turns real.

  16. shanti, πŸ™‚

    i am vimala prabhasa,and i’ve been Krishna concious since i was college,it started when i was roaming around the bookstore and this book entitled “holy names,real protection” caught my attention,i read it to have an overview about it and i felt like i want that book,so i bought it and i finished reading it at home,i started chanting twice a day. And coincidently i had this blockmate before that is a member of the isckon,so she taught me more about krishna conciousness and she inspired me with her stories and actually she help my faith for Krishna to increase.

    I want to share these stories of mine that i considered as the things that Krishna had done to me:

    1st story:

    I was in my 4th year in college,and we have this thesis that we need to accomplish. to sum it up,i had this group members that have been so irresponsible and for me they should be the one guiding me because they were the ones who chose the topic,i had no choice that time to have topic changed because i am the only one who’s not in to the topic that they chose,anyway,time came that 95% of chance occured for our group to fail because the paper works that we’ve submitted has a weak argument and doesn’t make sense. and apart from that the prof that we have that time is famous for being a notorious professor,notorious in the sense that she is failing as many as 40 students,she is very famous for that and actually as far as i have heard,our dean have already sent her a memo with regard to that. Anyway,during that time,ofcourse i didn’t lose hope,before if i only chant 2 rounds of the mantra,during that time i chant as many as i can,and while i’m chanting that time,i am focused on my earnest prayer to Krishna that He spare us from that situation where we are in. and you know what,it is a great miracle,because a notorious prof gave us a consideration to revised what it is needed to revised on our paperworks, and through the help of Krishna we succeeded and we have our thesis as DEFENDED so we were all happy that time and when everything was done already,i shared with them what i did during the times that we are crying because of depression that we had. And now i proud to say that i have already graduated,i graduated last april of 2011 and now i am working as a call center agent.

    2nd story:

    one time i becasme so lonely because i just realized i’ve been single for a long time already,so decided one time;”what if i ask Krishna about meeting my mr.right. So that’s why i did. i listed the characteristics of my ideal guy and i chanted the mantra again. one night i dreamt of meeting this guy,and i heard a voice saying; “here’s the guy that you were asking for” i was amazed in my dream because he really possess the characteristics of my ideal man,so in that dream of mine,i prayed to Krishna,i saw Krishna as a baby holding a jar of something like butter,He was in front of me and i told Krishna; “if that is really the guy that you are giving me,he will chant the hare krishna as soon as he come here” then Krishna was just smiling. After that i saw the guy approaching nearer and nearer and when he stood infront of me,he chanted the mantra. Then suddenly i woke up. since then i had this faith that i’m gonna meet that guy in Krishna’s perfect time. Then,one time,i created an acct on this website like fb,and this guy sent me a msg that he is wanting to know about some stuff and he wants me to like teach him more about it. so i added him as one of my friends on that website,and when i saw his pictures,oh my! i remembered my dream and my wish to Krishna regarding my mr.right. Now we treat each other as best friends but both of us are feeling the sweetness that we are giving to each other which is beyond friendship. Well it may sound assuming but i believe that heart never assumes,because i can feel it,whenever he is giving me this “big hug” or sometimes it includes kisses. lol. i do hope that he would be my one,and i know that if he is that guy already,i know that Krishna would bless our relationship,since he was given to me by Krishna Himself.

    good day and shanti. πŸ™‚

    • DrainPiper

      Hare Krishna,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences! It is always nice to see how the Lord works in the lives of his devotees. I hope you will find yourself in a happy and stable relationship by the mercy of Krishna. May he guide you always πŸ™‚

  17. sanjana

    Hey I have been reading your blig from past one week and I m totally in love with it n it feels good to see that there so many people out there who have imense faith in krishna n he helps them also

  18. Krishna

    I love to read dis blog..bcuz m lso a devotee of lord krishna..i juz love ma krishna frm ma heart ..wheneva m in any bad situatn or weneva i needed ma lord, he has been alwyays der with me πŸ™‚ i hv xperienced his love n blessings many times in ma life.i love you guruvayoorappa..xpectin to read more about ma Lord. Let krishna shower His blessings upon everyone. πŸ™‚ Hare krishna

  19. Sumon Deb

    Hare Krishna

    It was in 2008, I wanted to have UAE driving license which is an extra qualification for those who are leaving in UAE. I went on my annual leave and my brother had requested me for a cell which I was using. I had given my mobile to my brother in which devotional songs were there and I used to hear the songs at night at bed before going for sleep and feels so good.
    When I had returned back to UAE and applied for driving license, I had paid whatever money I was having and at night in a childish way I was talking with Krishna as I knew he was listening. I was telling Oh Lord see I do not have the cell which I used to have and used to listened devotional songs before sleeping, I am missing that, since I have paid for the driving license I do not have enough money to purchase another good cell, I didn’t knew how much I had to pay further for driving license but if Krishna my sweet Lord want I can have it immediately, if I get the driving license tomorrow, I will purchase a mobile next day as I will not have to pay anymore for license.
    Next day morning I didn’t know how I had driven, but everything went in a perfect way as if I have been driving for long time and I got the license in first test. Everyone knows it is very difficult to get UAE license at first test but if Krishna wants nothing is difficult, I was feeling His mercy and often tears comes out from my eyes that how merciful He is, not only this incident but I have lots more to share what happened to my complete family after surrendering to Krishna and sure I will share soon one after another.
    Hare Krishna

    • DrainPiper

      Hello! Thank you for sharing that! They always say if you take one step towards Krishna, he will take a hundred steps towards you πŸ™‚ You wanted a mobile to play devotional songs on, and he made that possible for you!

      Can’t wait to hear your other experiences! πŸ™‚

  20. Krishna

    I wus havin ma university practical exams..it got over today only..i wus really sick n cudn study anything properly fo ma last 2 examz..n i cud hardly remember stuff that i read..dis examz are very crucial in ma life. And i wus really praying hard to ma krishna that pls giv me the stuff dat i studied…literally i wus prayn hard thruout.. Again i felt his presence in ma life. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ with ma lords grace i gt wot i studied n the exam wusnt bad fo me.. Eventhough the results hasnt been published yet im damn sure that with ma guruvayoorappan’s grace i ll definitly pass..:) becoz still i cn feel his presence near me while im writin dis.. LLOVE UUUUUUU KANNNAAA :* :* :*

  21. Hi Drain Piper,

    it’s me again,Vimala Prabhasa the one who posted a comment here last January 12. I would like to inform you that the man whom i am talking about in my 2nd story,the one whom i thought that would be the one for me,well.he’s gone. Not literally gone as in dead i mean he is out of my life. We had a big fight and that made our friendship end. It’s ok i’m not blaming anyone most especially i’m not blaming Krishna. Because thru the years that Krishna have been with me,i realized something,and that something is not realized by majority. I realized that if you ask for something to GOD, He will never say NO, there would only be two answers,it would be a YES or I WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING BETTER THAN WHAT YOU ARE ASKING FOR. Cause before i’m just like other people,when my wish is not granted,i will get mad and sometimes shout in front of my altar or sometimes i’m looking up in the skies with all those tears of frustrations and i will say everything that i wanna say out of frustrations and disappointments and questioning His might. But in the long run i realized that we must learn to WAIT, wait to see that better thing that Krishna would grant you,a lot better than what you are asking for in perfect time. That’s one of the things that i’ve realized when i asked before for something, which i didn’t share in this site,Krishna did not grant that wish of mine,i was so disappointed that time but even if I know in my heart He’s aware that i am disappointed with Him that time,He made me realize the valid reasons why He did not gave me what i asked for. But instead He gave me a better thing,so when that happened to me,that’s the time i realized that wisdom “GOD WILL NEVER SAY NO TO YOUR PRAYERS,IT’S EITHER A YES OR HE WOULD GIVE YOU SOMETHING A LOT BETTER THAN WHAT YOU ARE ASKING FOR”

    so right now,i’m still happy but sometimes lonely ,but i now in my heart that Krishna would give that Mr.right that i’m waiting for in perfect time. I believe there is just somethings that i have to learn first in life before entering in serious relationship. Rushing things would never have good results. πŸ™‚

    i hope i can also inspire you and the rest of the readers in this story of mine.

    shanti and blessed be.

    • DrainPiper

      You have a really great attitude towards all this! I read this once: “If Krishna gives you something you asked for, it is Hari Kripa. If he doesn’t give you what you asked for, it is Hari Icha.”

      And you are absolutely right. Maybe Krishna has a Prince in mind for you and he is just waiting for the right time for you. Don’t worry, relationships will come and go, but Krishna’s love is forever πŸ™‚ Just trust him! πŸ™‚

  22. Pallavi

    Hare Krishna lovely people,

    After reading comments here, I thought I will share something as well. From the past 10 years, I used to see god in the form of Lord Ram. Lord Ram was a representative of all gods for me. In temples if Lord Ram was not there I preferred not to go there. But from the past few months, I am seeing a change in me, where I prefer seeing Lord Krishna. I am no more as attached to Lord Ram as I was before. I am getting attached to seeing Krishna in temples. I never thought that I shall ever get attached to anyone else other than Lord Ram. Does this signify something dear people? Kindly advice

    • DrainPiper

      I’m not sure what this could signify. Krishna and Ram are non-different, as far as I know. Perhaps someone else here can shed more light on the subject.

    • HI Pallavi,
      what i could say with regard to your experience is that maybe you are experiencing the power of Krishna Himself,cause isn’t it that the meaning of the name “Krishna” is that “HE is the source of all attraction?” So maybe this reason would be one of the reasons why you are now wanting to see Krishna in the temples that you visit. And i agreee with the drainpiper,yah,Lord Rama and Lord Krishna is not diff from each other because it is still God Himself,but the only difference they have is that Krishna is the PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD. He is the source of everything and He seats at the heart of every being. i don’t know if this makes sense but that’s how i see it. πŸ™‚

  23. Krishna

    Hiii all krishna devotees.. Y nobody s postn anythn here??? 😦 😦 dats so sad.. For days nothng s being posted.. M waitin fo more krishna stories n xperiences..please share ur xperiences n belives bot krishna.. May krishna shower his blessings upon all f us… Jai sreekrishna.

  24. Kanika Tandon

    Hello , I want to share something with you.

  25. Kanika Tandon

    But please try to reply me ASAP
    I am a Sikh , born in a Sardar family , and don’t know much except some wonderful stories about Krishan ji . For the first time I took interest in Lord Krishna when I was in love with a guy . He is a Hindu and belongs to a family who I can say are devotees for Lord. I had a relationship for almost three years and one of the reasons that I love him so much is that it surprises me that that how can some one be so religiously connected with God. I mean i never doubted the existence of God and use to pray to my Baba ji occasionally . And I have also been taught that all gods are one.

    At present my condition is dreadful. My relationship is ending . I think sometimes of doing something wrong but I am too scared of pain and also can’t be so selfish for my family. His parents are deeply talking about some rishta within the family . I tried talking to my boyfriend’s mother, sister and brother. Either they are rude or they lie to me. My boyfriend loves his parents and would never hurt them or go against them. He did talk to them twice and they refused saying its not possible stating following reasons:
    -I belong to a Sardar family
    -Our kundli does not match , and we will be sick together after marriage. Which I have a gut feeling that is a lie because they do not have the right time or place of my birth.
    -they strongly want the other rishta as they like the girl have almost said a yes
    My mom knows about the guy and she is fine with the rishta.
    My situation is that i haven’t eaten anything from past few days . I love this guy more than my life as I haven’t seen a pure hearted and true person .

    All hopes have died but still I don’t know why I have strong faith that Lord Krishna and Guru Nanak Dev Ji will not separate us.
    I cry the whole day , pray again and again but not sure if Lord will listen to me as they might feel that I am so selfish that I did not remember him before.
    But I some times do question him that if he did not want to let this happen then why did he get us together and kept us with each other for three years and kept on postponing his marriage to the time of end of my studies, and my parents agreeing so easily. Why did he do all this if he wanted to us to separate.
    I am in such a bad condition that don’t know what to do because I don’t know how to live without him. His parents have asked him to not to talk to me so he is doing that. He is stronger than me as he is closer to Krishan Ji.
    I REALLY REALLY WANT LORD KRISHNA TO LISTEN TO ME . I keep asking him to talk to me .
    I live in Canada and there is an ISKCON TEMPLE in toronto , I knew about all this through him. I called them up this afternoon and told them that I am a Sikh and want to know more about Krishan Ji , They told me that tomorrow is an auspicious festival – Gaura Purnima ,, and I should go there which I will. Honestly the fact is that I think that I want to go there again because I want to pray to him again .
    I don’t know what to do.
    All you devotees who are closer to Lord Krishna much more than me , have felt his presence or have talked to them , I beg on my knees in front of you all to pray to him once and help me and my boyfriend not separate.
    I need help . And I have faith in Lord Krishna but don’t know what to do , if he listens to me or not or is he upset with me .
    I request you all to pray to him .
    I told him that I will become a very a nice person , will never lie , will never hurt elders and will try to reverse by bad deeds. Will come closer to him , will get to know him more and will talk to him and meet him everyday.
    I have heard that Lord Krishna listens to them who are more closer to him , and you all seem so close to him , I request you from my deepest heart to talk to him about me.
    That not good if his parents want to reject me because I am a sikh , this was not my fault. And I want to know more about Bhagwan Krishan Ji.
    I know that Kundli matching is the most important thing , but what if its a lie , even if its a truth is there no remedy ? Isn’t all this phenomina crated by humans , Should’nt God decide ?
    I again bow and ask you all devotees to help me reach my voice to Lord Krishna.
    And tell me what should I do
    My mom always use to tell me that if you love some thing and if you put all your efforts into it the God himself holds your finger and gets you through it . Then I did every possible effort , shattered my ego and called his sister for help , she lied to my boyfriend , called his brother for help , he turned his back and then called his mother , she was rude and told me that this is what Bhagwan Ji wanted. But why would Bhagwan Ji want his kid to be in pain.
    Please reply me and help me out everyone out there reading this.

    • DrainPiper

      Hello Kanika,

      I am so terribly sorry to hear about your predicament. You must truly be in a lot of pain.

      The only thing I can say to you is surrender to Krishna. We cannot do anything against his will. It is ultimately always his will that prevails. Quite honestly, I am sorry to say this, but I find it very silly to refuse a marriage based on religious/cultural differences. In fact, I am completely against it in so many ways. If there is mutual understanding between the couple, that is all that is needed, in my opinion. Sorry if this offends anyone, but that is how I feel about this.

      The guy seems like he has already made up his mind to listen to his family and to stop fighting for you. I’m not sure if this is what the situation actually is, but you can’t be the only one fighting. You have already tried your best. I wouldn’t advise you to get married without the blessings of your parents and his. Wouldn’t advise you do anything wrong. You have tried honest and mature ways of sorting this out but you can’t force his parents to change their minds. Maybe wait for sometime and then try talking to them again? Except I honestly feel the guy should be making more of an effort to talk to his parents rather than avoiding you.

      Other than that, you should surrender to Krishna’s will. Have faith in him. He’s already got your life planned out. There is probably a reason behind all of this. I pray that things get sorted out for you in the best ways. May Krishna be merciful to you and guide you.

      Do let me know how things go along.

    • Hi Kanika,
      what i could say is that everything happens for a reason. If you happen to read one of my comments here,i used to ask Krishna to grant me mr.right and when i met this guy who looks exactly the guy that i’ve seen on my dream, we became very close to each other and i fell deeply in love with him but i became frustrated because we part ways before when we had a big fight. Yes at first i became upset,because i know i have the faith but still “why” then when i took time to meditate and to get rid of those negative vibes,i receive the answer: GOD NEVER SAYS NO TO OUR PRAYERS,IT IS EITHER A “YES” OR “HE WOULD GIVE SOMETHING BETTER THAN WHAT YOU ARE ASKING FOR” i know this might be difficult,because normally for humans,we would want exactly what we’ve asked for and get disappointed or mad when we did not get what we want or worse is to reject that person/being whom we have made the favor but we did not get it. That is just an immature move. But what you can do now is to hold on to your faith,keep praying to Krishna,And try asking for His will,surrender yourself what does HE really wants for you in this scenario. Do not give up sister. you just need more faith,i will include you in my prayers,what you just have to do is these 3 things EVERYDAY after chanting the maha mantra: ASK,BELIEVE and RECEIVE. that really works!! and if what you’re asking for is really for you,then ye shall have it,but do not get upset or mad at KRISHNA if in case you will not be getting the favor because like i said,THERE WOULD BE A BETTER PLAN FOR YOU, you just need to put your WHOLE trust in the LORD. And believe it or not,i’m giving you this message while i’m being guided by Krishna Himself what to tell you. πŸ™‚ Krishna is good all the time. there are just some things that is going on in our lives and in our surroundings that we can’t understand.why is HE letting those things happen to us. There are just some BIG reasons why,and you,yourself will find the answer once you have surpassed that specific challenge that you have faced,

      again kanika, just hold on to your faith,do not doubt Krishna,because doubt is the number one hindrance for you to receive blessings and miracles. and always remember that HE is merciful and loving more than you could ever imagine,try staying at the sea shore,isn’t it that you could see the sea’s beginning but you cannot see it’s end. That is the best example of HIS love. Lastly, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT HE WOULD NEVER ANSWER PRAYERS THAT WOULD JUST GIVE YOU TEMPORARY HAPPINESS OR SATISFACTION,BUT RATHER HE WOULD GIVE YOU A BETTER ONE FOR THE THING YOU ARE ASKING FOR. I hope you get what i mean there and pls open your mind and heart when you read this,because i could see that you might have this feeling inside your heart that you may not accept this but still focus on what you really want to get. I have to end this here cause i am already being overwhelmed with many words coming from Krishna. πŸ™‚ shanti and may Krishna’s blessings be with you.

      • anoop

        really am very happy mam,pray for me mam,am unlucky person.troubles and painful things happening every time.but i love my krishna he is my best friend.really am very happy for your words..

    • suhani

      Dear Kanika,

      i whole heartedly can feel your condition as i have been through same. The same way I spoke to him, his family , his friends and many others. I literally begged in front of his mom. But nothing wrked. At the end, it was like he cant break his parents heart and thus married another girl in front of my eyes. I was crying, I left food,was hospitalised..dehydrated and worst I left my job.. i was like never before. I coudlnt see myself in this state cause i ws not like this. I was a strong girl.

      Just one day I reaslised..I have had done soo many things for him. you will not even believe if i tell you. .. but when he got this other girl for marriage, he was happy. I mean.. I felt like a fool. I didnt knw why god did this to me. My first gift to him on our first anniversary i gifted him a beautiful idol of radha krishna (i didnt pray krishna that time,,but yet i liked him)..and while gifting i had told him that when i will marry him and come to his house, 1st thing i will do is see this idol of radha krishna …..

      but things changed without me realising.. sucidal thoughts and loosing myself.. at the end now i realise..may b he didnt love me the way i did..cause if he loved me..he wud put in same efforts as i did. he behaved like a looser..

      “love is not the one with whom you fall in love for… its that someone who make you rise and grow ”

      take care.. eat good food. 1st love is self love ..rest comes and follows if u have 1st one.. have the right attitude to manage the situation.. dont be a fool like me

      • DrainPiper

        Hi Suhani. So sorry that you went through all of that. But I can see that it has made you so much stronger, which is great! As girls, as women, we will have our hearts broken but we must always rise above it and be independent. Besides, with a man like Krishna in our lives, who needs anybody else? πŸ™‚

  26. Hi drain piper this is me again,vimala prabhasa. I would just like to share something again. πŸ™‚ remember the guy that i’ve told before whom i treated like a special someone. we are friends again. Thing is,it seems like nothing has changed,he said sorry to me and then he promised me that it will not happen again. His sweetness is still there,the hugs are still there. Well,i do not want to expect too much but i’m entrusting it all to Krishna. If he is the guy already then why not,if he is not,i’m still willing to wait. And also i would like to thank Krishna because last november i transferred to another company and now is my 5th month. And i’m very thankful that among our team,i am one of those who could be REGULARIZED since the results of my score card is exceeding the target. We are 9 in our team and it is just 2 from our team who could be regularized,and i am one of those 2. πŸ™‚ it will not be sad on the part of my other team mates because we are all going to be transferred to another acct so our Operations Manager suggests to them to make a request letter that they could extend their probationary period for 2 mos. good thing for them is that it was approved by the HR of our company. I pray that all of the blessings would continue to flow in my life. jai shri Krishna.

    • DrainPiper

      Wow that sounds great! It is really hard to find a stable job in today’s economy, and with Krishna’s mercy, you have been blessed with one! All the very best to you πŸ™‚

  27. Hi drainpiper,it is me again vimala prabhasa. I am so happy because the guy that I am telling you to whomi fell in love is back in my life. : ) I don’t know if this krshna’s will but I will just go with the flow. He’s sweeter this time and thing is he doesn’t want theboth of us to fight again. I’m just so happy that he is back in my life. πŸ™‚

  28. Krishna

    Hare krishna… Its me krishna drainpiper.M an mbbs student.Ma results came drain piper..i flunkd in ma gynec n surgry papers..:( 😦 dese xmz were very crucial in ma life..i think dis s wot is known as hari icha..bt im really happy dat i passed in medicine n pediatrics as dey are d most difficut subjcts for me.:) Neways i hv givn it fo revaluation..hope i fill pass wit harikripa.. I love ma krishna..bt y din he answer ma prayers..?? 😦 😦 i have been krishna conscious sinc ma childhood..i started hearin krishna stories from 3rd or 4th std..sinc then i love him from the bottom f ma heart..he has always given me wot i asked for..even if i wished fo ma favourite chocolate i always had it wen i wanted it with krishnas grace.krishna always cared even fo ma small silly thngs.bt m really sad n depressed bot ma results..i think m desperate now.somehow i need to pass at dis attempt itself.cus ma parents have faced many difficulties n financial struggle to tk me where m now..;( ;( i still love ma lord n pray to him.bt unnecessarthings comes to ma mind wen i strt prayin..;( im not able to pray as i did bfo..m nt able to concentrate properly..wot shall i do drainpaper?? Giv me an answer:( i need to b wit ma lord asap..pls rep me 😦 ;(

    • DrainPiper

      Oh dear! I’m terribly sorry to hear that! Well, there are things that happen as much as we don’t want them to. I failed my driving test 3 times. I have OCD. I haven’t been able to land a good job. I have poor health due to food intolerances and I am often unable to enjoy good meals like I used to. I keep asking Krishna why? Why did he do this to me? Why did he give everyone success, give them good health, give them a normal mind, but not me?

      The only reason I can think of is that he knew we weren’t ready for it. My friends told me it’s better to fail the driving test rather than to go out on the road before I was ready, and endanger lives. Perhaps it is the same for you? Maybe he wants you to be fully capable of your duties and perhaps you need some more time for that. You will be so much more confident then, as a doctor. Trust him and do your best. My friend always says not to put words into God’s mouth – meaning ask for blessings, ask for his help, but don’t try to dictate the ways in which he helps you. Leave that to him to decide. Even Sudama, Krishna’s friend, suffered so much in his life but he always remained in steady faith. Put your trust him and study as hard as you can. Surely with his blessings you will succeed. I wish you all the best! πŸ™‚ I know it must be a difficult time for you, but failure is not the end of the road. Always try again! Being a devotee does not guarantee success. However, it guarantees the steadiness of heart and strength and courage to make it through the struggles. I’m sure Krishna will always hold your hand and help you! All the best!

  29. Krishna

    Thank u for ur reply drain piper..now i understood dat v shud nt dictate d ways dat he helps us as u said..may be he wants me to bcome more stronger by goin thru all dese situations..bt at times i feel really bad. ;(:( i promise u dat ill work hard n ll keep ma faith in lord.Please include me in your prayers.

    • DrainPiper

      Don’t worry. I pray that Lord Krishna may guide you and give you the strength and capability to accomplish great things. I pray that Krishna may keep you close to his heart and grant you unshakeable faith in him πŸ™‚

  30. Krishna

    Drain piper… but y am i unable to talk to krishna dese days?? As i told u bfore i cant concentrate while prayin.. ;( ;( i want to bcome ma krishnas old child dat i used to b earlier..how can i be the same drainpiper??i m really kinda depressed about dis.. ;( ;( 😦 😦 ;(

    • DrainPiper

      Imagine you have a best friend, and for some reason, you lose touch with your friend. You are unable to talk, to meet, to know what’s happening in her life, to tell her what’s going on in your life… What would you do? My guess would be: you would check her Facebook to see what she’s up to, you would call her and take some time out to be with her, to catch up, see what’s going on, etc. Krishna is your best friend. You can do the same with him! Just talk to him, like you would talk to a friend. Tell him what happened during your day, write letters to him, read books and stories about him to know more about him, sing songs about him. Just like you would talk to a person to get to know them better, you can talk to Krishna to get to know him better as well.

      You are not the only one facing such a dilemma. I often fall in and out of touch with Krishna. Sometimes I get busy, sometimes I’m lazy, sometimes I’m not in the mood. I hate it, and I often miss the closeness I once used to feel with him, but when I read his lilas, when I watch documentaries about him, or even just stop for two minutes and talk to him, pray to him, I feel like there is hope. Sometimes, we are unable to find the words to express ourselves. Maybe that’s why you have been unable to talk to him. Perhaps if you listen to some songs about him or watch videos of his lilas, read his stories, you might feel close to him? Give it a try πŸ™‚

  31. Krishna

    Hii drainpiper.. Thankuu soo much..it really works. Now i can tok to ma krishna..i feel very much satisfied in tokin with him. U were always correct drainpiper. Now i feel very much relieved tokin to krishna..i feel empowered.. πŸ™‚ thanx drainpiper.. N pls pray fo ma results too.. C ya soon.

  32. kiran

    Hello to all Krishna devotees…I am a Sikh girl and believe in one God and only mantra I knew was Waheguru which is given by Guru nanak dev ji…around 7 years ago I started practicing meditation with Waheguru mantra in my heart and I did see my gurus in my dreams but also started seeing hindu Gods and Goddesses…I remember seeing Vishnu and he showed me his mantra (Vishnu vishnu govind govind) that point of time I was going through depression as people were throwing negativity on me (black magic etc.) and nobody believe and supported me not even my parents…after that point of my life I completely lost interest in worldly activities and consoled myself that all that we see around us is maya…nothing is real…no relationships are pure…we are attached to each other only because of karma…anyhow when I got vishnu mantra in my dream I started doing that along with waheguru mantra as my religion taught me all Gods and Goddesses are same in spiritual level and part of one God..so considering it as a blessing from God Himself I accepted the mantra and chanted everyday…as everyone knows Vishnu is a destroyer of demons so I thought Almighty God send Vishnu to help me out with my problems related to black magic etc….now with the blessing of Almighty God Waheguru and Vishnu I am 100% healthy and no darkness can even think coming near me…and you guys already know govind is another name of Krishna…I didn’t know then as I was new to hindu religion…then 2006 I saw a dream where I saw Krishna and balaram together in white dress…it was a beautiful garden…balaram then told Krishna to go ahead and balaram himself stopped at the entrance…Krishna went ahead and there was a swing in the garden and I was sitting there…Krishna then sat next to me and then dream ended there…I didn’t pay much attention to this dream then…as I was looking for higher God which is invisible and formless as its been described in guru granth sahib our holybook..but still felt better to see Krishna as He is a love God and my love life was almost zero to none then…I thought now I will get help from waheguru ji on my love life through Krishna…Krishna the love god was there to help me through my ups and downs…love relationships are very tough to handle in physical world…all you guys who are hoping to find mr. perfect or miss perfect…I have to say one thing to them…start acting like radha and Krishna…dance like them, play like them, be like child…its called selfless love…where they are expecting in return just love and only love nothing else…be like radha krishna…put their image in your hearts…and feel the love of radha and Krishna in your heart….radha and Krishna’s love story was an example for later generations from Krishna Himself to teach about true divine love…which sadly people have forgotten and only pray to them through statues and this has limited their love to statues only…I am not trying to change the system here…I am an open minded girl and accepted what ever was given to me by God Himself…I truly believe in putting God in heart rather than in statues but its upto devotees whichever way they feel like doing it…I read few stories on the top where they were talking about seeing Krishna in statue form…my dear devotees God is everywhere and will show their form whichever you will pray to them and why not pray and put that form in heart and that way you will get HIS blessings directly in your bodies…just my little thought…

    I just wanted to share my story here and only wanted to show my love to radha and Krishna and one more thing that I realized is that when you pray to radha Krishna together…it creates unconditional love energy in your heart which gives comfort in all levels spiritually-mentally-emotionally and physically…together they are like nuclear bomb of unconditional love πŸ˜› hahaha true I am experiencing it πŸ™‚ last 7 years I’ve learnt a lot..it was awesome and then downsome for me but over all I got to learn lessons that only through tough situations one can learn so no complains πŸ™‚

    the latest mantra I am doing is of radha Krishna is jai jai radha raman hari bol…search on youtube..there is a beautiful bhajan by Rishi Nitya Pragya

    its soo soothing and mesmerizing…you all will like it and I do hope all who are reading this post will try to listen it everyday….

    this mantra will sure provide love and abundance to all πŸ™‚ have faith in your innerself…love yourself..be kind to yourself and world around you…put Radha-Krishna together in your heart…true love is the answer of all problems…

    Thank you all for reading πŸ™‚

    jai jai radha raman hari bol πŸ™‚

    • DrainPiper

      Hello! Thank you for sharing your experience! It appears that the Lord is very close to your heart πŸ™‚

  33. Krishna

    Hare krishna.. Drainpiper its me krishna again.i fl really closr to ma lord again:) im really happy fo dat πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ as i told u ma revaluation results ll b publishd nxt week most probably..i hope with ma lords grace i ll pass..but dunno wot he has fo me..!!! Neways please pray fo ma results drainpiper..ll text u soon. Jai sreekrishna.

  34. Hi drainpiper,hello everyone,
    Just wanna share another happy story. I am now working in the production floor of the new acct where we were transferred and during our training,we visited the production floor once to see how their prod flr looks like,then we do side by side with other tenured customer srvice reps. Then first day of the following week,my trainer told me that she have received many a lot of emails coming from unit managers in the production flr,and they all have the same question; “what is my name?” Bcoz accdg to those unit managers,some of their agents are asking,and most of them are boys. My trainer shared this to the rest of my team mates and they are all telling me that they are envy at me. Then i told them i wasnt expecting that as well,i’m overwhelmed. Anyway what i believe regarding this is that since i became attached to Krishna,i was also able to adapt some of His characteristics,specifically being attractive to others. Coz i learned from a friend before that if you are devoted to a specific deity,you will adapt that deity’s characteristics as well,coz you and the deity are having union. Well i am happy and also i will use my attractiveness towards others for me to introduce GOD to them and be an example. Krishna bless us.

    • DrainPiper

      Thank you for sharing that. I’m not sure about developing the same qualities as a deity but I have often heard that once a person gets devoted to Krishna, he also becomes pleasing in nature to others πŸ™‚

  35. Krishna

    Jai sreekrishna.. I really dunno why ma krishna s nt answerin ma prayers.!!! I love him sincerely from d bottom f ma heart..he gives me d strength wen im in a bad condition. He s d song dat makes me sleep evry nyt.. He s ma love ma father ma friend..he s evrything fo me.. I used to tok to him.. But still y dont he listen to me?? Is he not hearin me?? 😦 😦 day by day m gettin depressd wt all dese kinda thoughts.. 😦 i dunno y he do dis to me always?!! 😦 😦 please gv me a reply drainpiper.. I dunno y dis happens to me. And i hate dis feelin..at tyms i feel dat he doesnt love.. Bt how can he do dis to me..!!! 😦 😦 😦 We were really close to each other..wot shall i do?? Please smebdy help me to be out f dis..love u loads krishna:* :*

    • Don’t lose hope,sometimes i also feel that way,but we only need is to hold on to our faith and never give up. You must know that we are living in an imperfect world,there are some disturbances around,evil spirits trying to challenge you,but if you would show them your faith is stronger,they can never harm you or disturb you. Just keep on chanting the maha mantra.

  36. Krishna

    Ma revalutan rslts r out drainpiper..m really disappointed..:(

  37. Krishna

    Jai sreekrishna … Y so delay in replyn drain piper. 😦 we all are eagerly awaitin fo krishnas new stories n miracles n all your xperiences.. Please do post smethn soon.. Love kanhaji :*

    • DrainPiper

      Hi. Sorry for not replying sooner. I’ve been a little busy with things at my end.

      I’m sorry about your exam results. But as I told you before, maybe Krishna needs you to be better prepared. Being Krishna’s devotee doesn’t mean that you will always be successful, or rich, or happy. There will be downfalls because we need to be trained. Being a devotee means that you will never be alone through the tough times. Krishna says in the Gita that we should be undisturbed in happiness and distress. You must try again and not give up! You can do it πŸ™‚

  38. Krishna

    Hii drainpiper …. Thanks alottt fo ur rep..i got ur rep today..i had ma surgry intrnl xms today..it ws nt bad eventhough it wsnt so easy fo me..and moreover its ma bday today.. πŸ™‚ and had a very warm day wt ma frnz..dey all surprised me wt a bday cake n stuff.at tat moment i felt that krishna s doin this fo me..he knws me more than anyone in dis world.he knows wot s goin thru my mind.wot im sufferin from..he knows everythn.. I knw as u said krishna s always wt us evn its bad or gud.he s wt me.nw i understood.. He gav me alot f pains dese days..bt i trustd him deeply n still keeps on prayn to ma lord.. Now i can feel his presence in ma each footstep.. He s wt me always ..he is givin me back all ma happiness.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ l love ma krishna πŸ™‚ :* :* :*I feel dat krishna’s eyes r always lookin at me..i can see his eyes..its so beautiful.. Now i feel lyk m gettin more closer to ma krishna πŸ˜€ Yes, i am gettin closer to him..thanks fo ur inspirin words drainpiper..let krishna shower his blessings upon us all πŸ™‚

    • DrainPiper

      Hii! Happy birthday! I’m glad you’re feeling closer to Krishna πŸ™‚ What a nice birthday gift! πŸ™‚

  39. hare krsna
    hi this is harini .
    i offenly get dreams about krishna ,especially after visiting the isckon temple at evening.i use to get dreams like krsna saves me from fire, he runs around me laughing,and also some times smiling at me please tell me what this means…..does god really loves me and his devotees….

    • DrainPiper

      Hare Krishna, Harini

      It’s nice to hear that you dream of Krishna! I love dreaming about him! I don’t know what it could mean but we don’t need to know that to answer your question! Of course Krishna loves you and his devotees! He is our eternal friend πŸ™‚

  40. Aditi :-)

    HI DrainPiper,
    I love your blog and your love to Lord Krishna.I am also a Krishna devotee. I always to pray to Krishna and he is my only God. But I want to get closer to Krishna and I don’t know how. I don’t know anyone who can guide me. You are so close to Krishna and I can only say that you are so blessed with Krishna. I feel that you have experienced so much with Krishna. He really loves you and cares about you! And I am so happy to see how much he cares for his devotees.
    You have so much knowlege about Krishna and so much to tell about him. And I would be so happy if you shared this knowlege with me.
    Please give me your e-mail address and we can talk there πŸ™‚
    Thank you!!!
    God bless πŸ™‚

    • DrainPiper

      Oh my, you give me far too much credit! Honestly, to tell you the truth, if you told any religious leaders about my thoughts and beliefs, they would tell you I am blasphemous! I just go with what feels right and I do my own personal studies on religion. The most important and most valuable thing I do is question everything I read or hear. There’s a reason God gave us a brain! The way I use mine might really upset some religious leaders though lol :p

      Anyway here’s my email address: bloggingupthedrainpipe@gmail.com

      Keep in touch! πŸ™‚

  41. Krishna

    Hare krishna.. Yeah..krishna giftd me his blessings on ma bday..n i loved it..:) πŸ˜€ may b he wantd me to realise his presence n importance in ma life again..n m really glad dat he s bk into ma life.my kanhaji is bk to my life..thankkuuu sooo much drainpiper fo ur inspirin words dat u hd given me all d tym..i fl dat its krishna himself who ws speakin to me through drainpiper..thanku dear.god bless u πŸ™‚

  42. Krishna

    Dear drainpiper.. I ws havin my intrnl xmz.n last 3 to 4 days ws sick.m a chronic acid peptic disease patient. 😦 😦 dats y cud wryt to yu drainpipr.. Hope ur doin gud. Im really happie dat kanhaji cm bk to my life..its all cuz f ur inspirin words dat i overcmd ma stress n gt kanhaji bk. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Ma university xmz s on 2nd week f august..ws bot to strt stdyn… Bt nw m in a big trouble..ll tl u dat in ma nxt msg..eventhough its a matter dats very importnt in ma life,nw i hv to choose one.so i chose ma carieer,my parents happiness so nw dats f 2nd priority in ma life.cuz i wana pass dis xmz at ny cost.so tryn to forgt all dose.had a very tough tym fo last few months.bt i dunno wat krishna has planned fo me.neways pls do include me in your prayers drainpiper..hope krishna ll gimme strength to fyt against evrythn.ll gt bk to yu soon.. Jai sreekrishna

    • DrainPiper

      Hi there. Hope everything gets better for you. Looking forward to your next message! Jai shri Krishna πŸ™‚

  43. suhani

    hello sir, I beleive in Vishnu ji and laxmiji . Past 2-3 weeks I have had a recurring dream where in a old old temple, I and my mum have been. We take bath near the temple river and then take prasad. then i am constantly looking for the idol of vishnu thoughout the temple. I look and i look. someone tells me that he should be in the next room. when i go there i see a huge statue of Krishna. i am all wondering how come. I ask god, where is my vishnu, where is my vishnu…

    Please reply me, what does this mean??

    • DrainPiper

      That’s very interesting! From your message, I understand that you think Vishnu is different from Krishna. Is this true? Do you believe that Vishnu is different from Krishna? Is Vishnu the god you worship above all others? I guess God is trying to tell you that Vishnu and Krishna are the SAME! I am actually amazed with your dream! It seems like Krishna wants you to enter a more personal relationship with him. You see, Vishnu is the form of Krishna that strikes reverence and awe. Krishna however is the more personal, intimate form of God which allows us to engage with him in a very direct manner, and make him our friend, child, parent, teacher etc. I think Krishna wants you to get to know him personally! Have you read the Bhagavad Gita yet?

      • suhani

        Hello DrainPiper,

        Thank you for your reply. Yes, recently i got to know that Kishna ji is an avatara of Vishnu ji. I do worship Vishnu ji and Laxmi mata. I read Vishnu saharanamam. I am confused when you say that Vishnu is a form of Krishna ?? how come? its VV i think
        Cooincidence ..few years earlier, one of ma friend gifted me a small bhagavadgita..later i was in too much stress. I just read 2-3 pages.. i donated it to some1 as i cudnt read. But past 1 week, i feel like reading the whole bhagavadgita. I am planning to buy 1.

      • DrainPiper

        Hello. Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu. They are he same, just different forms, or as you would say in Hindi, different ‘roop.’ According to Vaishnavism, Krishna is the original supreme being. You can read the bhagavad gita online on http://www.asitis.com. If you cannot spare too much time, try to read at least two or three verses every day πŸ™‚

  44. Krishna

    Haribol … Y nobdy s postin nythn..??!! M eagerly waitin to read krishnas miracles n stories.. Smetyms i think how much does d lord love me or ny f his devotees… Really he does alot f gud thngs fo me n u..bt smetyms y does he nt answer our prayers? I trust my krishna n hav faith in him..really feels lyk tokin to him n i do tok to him always..dunno y m really distrbd.. Really i wish if he wud hv cm to c me. 😦 it may nt b possible,i knw bt i really fl lyk cing him..i knw dat m nt dat gr8 to c him.bt stl y dont he cm in ma dreams as he used to cm bfo?? I really fl d pain nw-a-days.. 😦 is der smebdy who cn help me to knw its reasn? Pls rep me. I really wish to c him..m dyn fo dat 😦 ;( love yu kanhaji :* :* :* ..krishna

    • DrainPiper

      I know that feeling! I feel like that a lot as well. Talk to him and spend more time learning about him and reading about him. Before sleeping, pray to him and ask him to come in your dreams. He listens πŸ™‚

  45. SS

    I want to share my experience I have a small 3 yr old daughter since the time she is born …..I see that we all never taught her anything about how to vow your head infront of God etc but when we went to ISkon temple near our house she vowed herself complettly on floor putting her head down with her hands closed to God, I was so amazed we never use to tell her that she did it on her own when she was just 1.5 yr old……………then again one day when bhajan started happening in the temple she started dancing like how bhakt dances in front of Krishna and no one else was doing that………………it is amazing to see my little girl like that………….one day I showed her little laddo gopal’s photo and she was continuously staring in it with full concentration without uttering a word and I was like talking to her showing this is jai jai…………I sometimes feel that she is a blessed soul and she still remember her old birth’s bhakti and it just amazes me. Hari Bol…

  46. Lostgopi

    Does Krishna come in your dreams a lot, Dp? I often beg Hari to come in my dreams too. I get these dreams related to him, but he never talks in them..and I never see him or anything. All those dreams are kind of funny and strange. Like one time he saved me from the girl from the ‘Grudge’ movie , lol, I was paralysed with fear and I could just scream out ‘Krishnaa..’ And another time he caught me when I was walking a tightrope above some city and I fell calling out to him πŸ™‚
    The last time He actually came before me in my dream was back when I was a little . I wonder why he doesnt do that now , hmmm.. πŸ™‚

    • DrainPiper

      I don’t dream of him a lot anymore 😦 I don’t know why. I guess I haven’t been spending enough time with him lately. I had never ever dreamt of God until just a couple years ago. I was kind of surprised, wondering how come everyone has dreamt of God at some point but I hadn’t for around 17-18 years of my life! Either way, ask him to come into your dreams! Maybe he will! I know he does sometimes when I ask him to πŸ™‚

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  48. ssconfused

    They say if you pray to sai baba Krishna will come in your dream.

  49. ssconfused

    When I pray to lord with full devotion and open my eyes like after doing a japa or a prayer my right eye flickers and I am a Female, does that mean God will not listen to my prayers?

    • DrainPiper

      I don’t think that really means anything. I’m not a superstitious person and I often tend to question everything I see/hear. Personally, I don’t think it means anything. Maybe you are squeezing your eyes too hard when you shut them and that’s causing the flickering. Don’t worry about it – just pray. Krishna wants your devotion πŸ™‚

  50. Krishna

    Haribol.. M goin to face ma kanhajis nxt test fo me..ma university examz dp..its on 26th of august. 😦 m really tensd n worried..as dis s my 2nd attempt..smehow I wana pass dis.. 😦 :(please do include me too in ur prayers drainpiper..txt u afta ma xmz..jai shrikrishna

  51. josena

    i m a christian girl and a strong believer of jesus,i dont know when Krishna came to my life,i started to discuss,read and listen about him all the time.my parents dont like this.i dont want to leave krishna,i feel a happiness when i think of him i am confident. i am not afraid of anything but i believe in jesus also with all my heart,but i am confused about something i dont know

    • DrainPiper

      I can understand your situation. I have lived very closely with devout Christians and I understand their attitude towards anything that is out of Christianity. Most of it is considered sinful, ignorant and “idol worship.” I myself spent years and years trying to understand, after being preached to about Christianity on several occasions, whether Krishna is really just an idol/demon and whether Jesus is the only true God. Honestly, I still don’t know which religion is the “true” one. There are a lot of things in Christianity that don’t make sense to me. Hinduism makes the most sense to me out of all religions so I have chosen this path to make my way to God. Like you, I too believe in Jesus. I went to a Catholic school and was enrolled in a Bible class for a few years, so it’s not unfamiliar to me. The only advise I can give you is to pray about it. Ask Jesus to show you the way.

      • anoop

        am anoop,i love my krishna.he is my everything,but i dnt knw nw am facing so many troubles,i cnt tolerate my pain.some time i think to suiced also.i dnt knw my mind totaly broken.i beg u, pls my krishna devotes pray for me.i wnt my krishna help,i beg u

      • anoop

        pls i beg u ,ur very close to my krishna,tel to him i cnt tolerate my pain

  52. anoop

    i need all the devotes prays ,pls pray for me,i beg u all ..

    • DrainPiper

      Hello Anoop. I am very sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. I have just prayed for you and asked Krishna to help you. Please trust me when I say that suicide is not the answer. Only Krishna decides when it is time for us to die. There might be reasons behind your suffering. But don’t worry, whatever the reason, Krishna is always with you. Just trust him and remember him. Surrender to him and let him take control of your life. The way that Krishna drove the chariot for Arjuna in the Mahabharata, let Krishna drive you through life. He will never take you on the wrong path. Your life is precious and Krishna has given it to you. You must live it to serve Krishna. Only he can decide when your time is up. Please read this blog post here about Krishna and Sudama: https://bloggingupthedrainpipe.wordpress.com/2010/09/13/krishna-and-sudama-devotion-and-reciprocation/

      I hope it will make you feel a little better. Krishna is your friend too. Just ask him for help. He will help you in some way or the other. Please email me or message me on my blog if you ever need to talk. Take care of yourself.

      • anoop

        please pray for me ,please i need your pray.i love my krishna.but i dnt knw why he hate me now.tel to him ,i need his presense,i need his care.pls i beg you..

      • DrainPiper

        Keep Krishna in your thoughts, Anoop. Pray to him and surrender to him. He will do what is best for you. Meanwhile, you must do your best to help yourself out of your troubles.

  53. HimJoy

    Would you all stop tormenting Krishna with all your desires , blackmails like suicide , sulks …. Leave him alone and start behaving responsibly. Accept life as it comes. Have faith and chill !

    • DrainPiper


      While I agree that people should behave responsibly and accept life as it comes, I don’t think it is prudent to assume that everyone who contemplates suicide is trying to blackmail Krishna. I also do not agree that Krishna is ‘tormented’ by our desires and by our grieving. I would imagine that a parent, such as Krishna, who loves unconditionally, will not be tormented by his children. People who feel like committing suicide are sometimes in great distress. We don’t know what they are going through – all we can do is try to help them.

      To each his own and you are free to have your own opinion, and this is mine.

      Also, asking a devotee to try and leave Krishna alone is quite impossible πŸ™‚ I can’t help it – he keeps pulling me back even though I sometimes drift so far away from him! Sometimes I think that even if I tried to leave him, I would fail miserably.

      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  54. ss

    Hi! I would like to thank you so much for sharing these incredible stories. Whenever I am in doubt or unhappy, these tales really lift my spirits up and help me realize that He is always by my side. I would also like to say that a lot of the links you posted are broken, and was wondering if you knew of another way I could read more tales like these. It is fine if you don’t, but I thought I’d just try asking you. Thanks once again for this incredible service you have done for us and most importantly, the Lord.

  55. Tanmay b

    Nice to read ur experience,mam..bt let me be clear that god is not fhe thing which can be found in idols. He is in ur heart,he is everywhere .. Nd thrgh ur selfless work he got worshiped automatically..that dsnt mean u shldnt wrshp him seperately..bt god is nt in any idols..he is within u… πŸ™‚

  56. Krishna

    Hare krishna…… Hai drainpiper n all other krishna lovers.. M back again afta a long tym.. Really i feel blessed n m really d happiest person in d world today… I m really really glad to write dis lettr.bcoz once again i xperienced my lords presence n his blessings in ma life..afta such a long period of suffering ma Kanhaji answered my prayers.. I passed my xamz n finally becme a doctor nw.. Now i cn say with pride that m one f d most blessed child of my lord Krishna… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :* :* love my Krishna..ur my life… ur my love …. U r my everything.:* :* :*..without u i wont b able to stand where m nw…thank u sooo much fo ur blessings my Kanhaji..:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :* :* thanku everyone who prayed fo me.n m really blessed to hav a father who loves me more than anything in dis world.. Love u kanhaji fo giving me such a kind hearted wonderful father :*:* …..Krishna

    • DrainPiper

      YAYYYYYY! CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you, Krishna, for blessing your devotee! Now our dear Krishna will help thousands of people through you πŸ™‚ Let him continue to guide you and all the best for your future! πŸ™‚ May I ask what field you are specialising in? Perhaps you could give me a little medical advice πŸ™‚

  57. Saps

    I have read a couple of articles and i must say… what is Faith or Trust if you doubt it? If you consider Lord Krishna as your supreme God…. U need to trust and have faith in him…. absolute faith or else…. u simple do not have any faith…. Imagine he appears in front of you asks you what is it that you wish for….. Pl note that all u need to do is utter your wish….

    Don’t ask yourself a little later…. will he help me?, is he listening?, will it be fullfilled etc… thats when u have begun “doubting”… and if u doubt that means u do not have the failth that he would do whatever you asked for… coz u need to understand that even if something is undone, it simply means that he has something much better for you as he can see things much beyond you can…. so ASK…. Believe and you will Receive…. u just have to have absolute faith… Just like a child has faith in his parents words!!!

    Trust Lord Krishna and he can never let you down….. i couldn’t speak until the age of 5/6… i didnt go to Preschool or Lower KG or upper KG…. as i could not speak…. My parents prayed to Lord Krishna in Guruvayoor and its only after that i was able to speak…. they just trust him to make me speak !!!! πŸ™‚

  58. Saps

    One more thing, Gratitude and saying ” Thankyou” for every little thing in your life mean a lot…. Your life will be pure magic and change forever. Thankyou thankyou thankyou, My Lord Krishna.

  59. Neha Garg

    Hii to all the krishna devotees…..may i know how to join this blog….plzzz let me know……my id is nehagarg1010@gmail.com…..plzzz do let me know here……..
    Hare krishna. πŸ™‚

    • DrainPiper

      Hello Neha! You can simply click Subscribe (top right corner of my blog) and you will be notified of new posts. To be notified for a particular post, subscribe to that particular post.

  60. I am glad to find this blog.

  61. hare krishna, i’ve been hearing the stories of lord krishna,ram,narayan since i was a kid….& i’ve witnessed so many miracles of my beloved krishna in my life…although,my prayers remained unanswered at times..i asked my guru about this..that why don’t he (krishna) fulfills my desire evn after performing strong devotional service?…he said- our beloved krishna is listening to our prayers every moment…but he’ll give us,what’s good for us…suppose a kid asks his mother that he wants to play wid a knife…would she allow her kid to play wid knife???? love of krishna is like mother’s love…in case…if we have true faith, unconditional love for him like meera bai…he’d convert that knife into flowers for us…like he did for meera bai by converting poison into normal water..hare krishna

  62. Vaishnavi

    Hi guys..m vaishnavi

  63. Vaishnavi

    I like this blog very much

  64. Vaishnavi

    Is ne1 der

  65. Vaishnavi

    Hey guys is ne1 der plz rply

  66. kamal

    i was travelling north in a bus…and since when i wanted proof of Krishna…i was asleep…when i got up i was in mathura,the bus wasn’t a tourist bus..n mathura was was not my destiny nor it was on the..due to some problem the bus had to stop at mathura..i think this was not coincident…this was wish to be close to Krishna

  67. dr apoorva sharma

    hare krishna πŸ™‚ i am just spellbound but need to share this to know the meaning of my dream..i am a krishna devotee and chant his name throughout the day..i love him to the core yesterday when i was going to sleep i chanted his name and said i want to see u krishna..i had a dream in which i was dressed up like an indian bride and my parents came to me telling me that i am getting engaged to a guy who is the son of their friend i knew him and i agreed..i was wearing a lehnga and sat down next to the guy i had many questions in my mind my heart was sinking as the guy sat near me i was thinking that i love krishna how can i marry anybody if he does not allow me to chant krishna’s name then what..tears were rolling down my eyes and i stood up went to my father and said i won’t marry him i love krishna and started running crying my father shouted my name but i did not stop it was raining heavily and there was thunder and lightning in the sky when i looked up crying and called krishna..the sky was red and muddy i kept chanting his name and i heard the sound of his flute whuch was melodious i ran following the beautiful sound being played by him..it brought me to the terrace of my house i again cried for him i asked him to come suddenly everything turned black there was complete darkness all around and water everywhere due to heavy rain..i became scared when i saw some light coming towards me it was him..krishna came smiling to me he was wearing yellow clothes and was dark in complextion slightly blue in color he was wearing a morpankh mukut and smiled at me saying i have come..i smiled at him and said krisna i love u and i belong to u please marry me he smiled and agreed he married me then and there and he said i am giving u a new name VAISHNAVI now people will know u by this name u should dedicate urself to people love all the livings equally and will always help them u should see me in all the livings and i shall always be there beside u..i will never leave your hand whenever u will call me i will be there u may not see me but will feel me till eternity u are mine and i am urs..saying these words he bade me a goodbye and disappeared slowly in the sky and the light became small and gone inside the big sky..tears were still rolling down my eyes i heard my mother’s voice i went down she was on stairs i said maa u should call me vaishnavi from now she said i already know and i will..
    i am just speechless since i woke up can anybody tell me the meaning of this dream..each and every word is true pls do not doubt..hare krishna

    • DrainPiper

      Wow! That was AMAZING! Such a wonderful dream! You are truly blessed πŸ™‚ To have Krishna himself tell you that you will be called Vaishnavi… how wonderful!

      I’m not sure how to interpret your dream, but from what I understand, I think you might be in a position where you have to choose between two things. Is this so? Your dream seems to reflect that you are torn between your options and one of them is Krishna and spiritual life.

      If that is not the case, then all your dream shows me is your desire to be so much closer to Krishna and to dedicate yourself to him, and it also shows me Krishna’s unconditional acceptance of you πŸ™‚

      Just to let you know, I have moved this blog to a new address. Please bookmark http://bloggingupthedrainpipe.blogspot.com as I will no longer be updating this blog!

  68. Adityaa ravi sharma

    Hi drainpiper. I saw a dream of all the 10 avatars of lord Vishnu. I dont know what does that mean. Please can u help me

  69. Michael breen

    I had a dream of a blue being witch I thought was Chrishna . She was blue but I couldn’t tell was male or female but looked female ,my sense was male too beautiful to me to be male. He or she showed me the source of when death comse u have to connect ur middle eye that I knew nothing about and I had to connect them b4 death or at point of death with concentration of unbeleavable focus. After that I awoke but in the dream he/she had multipal maybe four arms and gave out love just pure love it was a beautiful dream . I didn’t want awake but I did n thats all. No more dreams have came with her my blue three eyed love,that tried to teach me to connect the triangles but the concetration was so impossible I felt but she tried to teach me anyway………

    • DrainPiper

      Wow, I am intrigued. That’s very a very interesting dream. Are you at all interested in studying about yoga and chakras? I’m not sure what this dream signified, but it seems like it was about introspection and a message to sharpen your intuition and trust your gut by opening your middle/third eye. I could be wrong, but that’s how it seems to me. What a fascinating dream!

      Just to let you know, I have moved this blog to a new address. Please bookmark http://bloggingupthedrainpipe.blogspot.com as I will no longer be updating this blog. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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