Great Day

…And I owe it all to Krishna.

Yesterday, 4 others and I presented to a well-known fast-food company for a marketing project at University. I messed up and I was very being very hard on myself for making mistakes. I stammered, got stuck, forgot some main points, and I “handed over” the presentation to the wrong person. I apologized to my group-mates who said it was okay but I couldn’t stop beating myself up about it.

Today was the award ceremony. I have been living in anticipation since yesterday. I was waiting for the hours to fly by so the ceremony would get over and I could feel relieved and not “wait” to find out whether I won or not. If we didn’t win, I would blame it on myself for messing up the presentation. I reminded myself about Nish Kama Karma – action without desire for the results. I dedicated my hard work (as well as my group members’) and our presentation to Krishna. I kept in mind that I was doing this for Krishna and if he wanted me to win, it was okay. If he didn’t, it was still okay. I shouldn’t be bothered with the outcome. I shouldn’t ask for recognition and reward and praise. But I should do my best. Give whatever it takes and leave it to Krishna to do as he pleases with my offering.

Our team won first place ๐Ÿ™‚ Haribol.

We should work, thinking that the Lord has given us a task to perform. He has put us in a certain situation for a reason and we need to do our best, remember that we are doing it for Krishna, and then just do it. Work to please Him. And this requires that you do your absolute best. Does Krishna really deserve anything lesser than that? ๐Ÿ™‚

Yup, I agree with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Give it all you’ve got. After all, Krishna’s the one you have to present your work to. He’s the original and ultimate enjoyer of all things. Get an A+ for Him, get a good job for Him, serve others for Him… Do it all for Him.

And remember to always chant the holy name. It doesn’t get better.

Govindam adi purusham tam aham bhajami


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2 responses to “Great Day

  1. cieleternel

    We should work, thinking that the Lord has given us a task to perform. — Thank you so much for these incredible words! As I have been applying to universities in the past few months, there were a few that I desperately wanted to get into. At the same time, I was aware that we should not be doing things for ourselves, but for Krishna. It was difficult for me to understand how I could offer the results of a university acceptance to him sincerely. I thought of the fact that most schools I was applying to were selective and would give me a lot of money to study there so that would allow me to get a good job in the future (the income would go to Him) and I didn’t have to worry about paying back the universities first. Yet, I didn’t think these were sincere reasons. Then I realized that a lot of these schools had bhakti yoga clubs, which was a great reason, except I struggled with the same thing again–sincerity. Was I being honest with myself and with Krishna? Did I really want to go to these schools for Him, or because of their prestige? I still struggle with this issue of doing things sincerely for Krishna as I am new to this Krishna Consciousness business, but your words have given me a way to change my mentality. Sorry for this long post, but I really hope you understand how grateful I am to Lord Krishna for showing me the way to your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • DrainPiper

      Oh, I’m glad I could help! I know how you feel – sometimes I wonder how I can act for Krishna as well. Sometimes, as you explained, it doesn’t make sense. But it’s okay, do what you have to do – just think of him and remember him always! That never fails ๐Ÿ™‚

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