Books for Sale!

Used books going for real cheap! 10 Dirhams, more or less, based on the condition and edition! If you buy more books, you’ll get a discount!


  • ‘New Horizons Science’ 5-16, Key Stage 2: Titles ‘Life Around Us’ and ‘Energy Forces and Communications’ available.
  • Collins and Longman ‘World Atlas’ 2nd edition, 1996
  • ‘Outset Geography’ by Simon Cotling, Tim First and David Rowbotham
  • Collins Primary Geography – A World of Movement: ‘World Watch 2’ by Stephen Scoffham, Colin Bridge and Terry Jawson
  • ‘Let’s Log In’ by Pearson. Books 1, 2 and 3 available
  • Collins Primary Maths, Key stage 5, Books 1, 2 and 3
  • Science from the Beginning 2 – by BL Hampson and KC Evans
  • STP Mathematics 1A, 1991 edition by L Bostock, S Chandler, A Shepherd, E Smith
  • STP Mathematics 8A
  • The Modern Age by Peter and Mary Speed, Key Stage 2, Oxford Junior History
  • Collins Primary Maths Pupil Book 1, Key Stage 6, 2002
  • Science World 2 by John Holman – 1994
  • Our World This Century by Derek Heather, Oxford, 1996
  • Media in GCSE English by Chris Purple, John O’Conner, Oxford, 2001.
  • 2 UAE Social Studies Books from 1996
  • Science World Book 1, Key Stage 3 by John Honmon
  • Heinemann English 4, Foundation and Higher both available. By John Seely and David Kitchen. 1996
  • Geography Today 1 by G. Brookes, R Clammer, S Currie, T Higginbottom, C Jones, P McLeod, R Nicholls, 1992
  • Starting Science Book 2 by Alan Fraser, Ian Gilchrist, Oxford, 1996
  • Science Directions Pupil Book 5 by Chris Sunley, Jane Bourne, Alison Norman. Collins, 2002

Reading Books:

  • TONNES of Mary-Kate and Ashley books for 8 AED each.
  • Same goes for Goosebumps.
  • Many ‘Sugar Secrets’ by Mel Sparks – 10 AED each.
  • ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee – 10 AED
  • Nancy Drew books – 8 AED each

Leave a message! You can pick it up from Dubai.

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