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Aindra Dasa has gone back to Godhead + Quotes on death

I never really knew Aindra Prabhu. Never heard much about him, never met him, never read about him. Today, when I logged on to Facebook, I saw everyone’s statuses talking about a great soul’s disappearance. Continue reading


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Pets in Dubai

Hey, all

This is a very urgent matter. If you are looking to buy pets, please please consider adopting abandoned ones. There are far too many of them around. You can give a dying animal a new life. Take it in. Give it a home. There are so many who are going to be put to sleep if not homed soon. There is a Facebook group called ‘Friends of Animals’. Please have a look if you are willing to find a home for pets.

If you are buying a pet, please think long-term. Don’t buy them now if you’re not sure whether you can provide a permanent home for them. Please don’t abandon them. I understand situations come up and there are circumstances. But maybe you could perhaps find a home for them then? Please don’t give just leave them stranded. Domestic pets wouldn’t be able to survive on their own, after being taken care of in a home. They wouldn’t be able to find their way around or fend for themselves. Maybe get them shipped with you, or to someone who can take them in. They’ve got a life too. Don’t put their lives at risk. If no one takes them in, they’re just put to sleep.

Thanks, everyone!

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TONNES of mercy!

Oh, today today today…


Today was just wonderful. So much mercy! SO MUCH!

I was waiting for my friend to call me since she was going to take me with her to today’s Hare Krishna Youth Class from the metro station. I would walk, but the weather is just awful now. 44 degrees and soaring! Not cool, man! Continue reading


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