Call to Rescue

Krishna, this is for You. Thanks for inspiring me to write this. I hope You like it. Love You heaps, God. Love You to bits.

It’s not hard to find a love that promises forever.
There is someone who will hold you so dear,
And accept you the way you are, like no one has ever.
A love that will never bring painful tears.

From downpours of miseries only He can protect.
Call out to Him from wherever you are.
He will hold a hill with His finger over your head.
Call out to Him. He is near, not far.

Keep Him close and He will do the rest.
He will never ever forget the one time that you called.
He will walk miles if you’ll take the first step.
He will never let you get hurt, especially if you fall.

Forgiveness, mercy and compassion lie,
At the feet of the one who is truly Divine.
So give Him what you have, give Him what you’re short of
Give Him all of yourself, give Him all of your love
He will guide you from within, you just need to call
He will teach you everything, He will be your all
He will complete you, He will fill your sighs
He will deliver you, He will give you life.

For He is the Lord, the seed of existence!
And He is the Lord, that provides sustenance.
He is overflowing with love for you and me,
All we have to do is become devotees.
He is the Lord that will watch our backs!
He preserves what we have, He carries what we lack,
He will accept anything that we give
Provided it is love that it is hemmed in.

He emanates pure bliss and He is the epitome of peace.
Our God sang a love song in the middle of a battlefield.
It’s okay if you think His name is not worth gold,
It doesn’t change the love for you that the Holy Name holds.

Who else deserves the love we carry in our hearts?
Who else is truly worth the space in our thoughts?
Take your admiration, give it to Him in devotion,
No one else will love without underlying conditions.

So just call on Him. That’s all it takes.
Throw your hands to the sky and call Him to save!
You don’t believe in Him but He believes in you,
He has solemnly promised to come rescue you.


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8 responses to “Call to Rescue

  1. Ash

    This is SO beautiful! You are very much gifted and blessed.

    May Krishna shower his blessings on you

    Hare Krishna

    • DrainPiper

      Hare Krishna, Ash. Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for taking the time to read my posts 🙂
      May Krishna bless you too, and may He always be with you and your family, residing in your hearts 🙂

  2. apfmd

    very beautiful lines u have written for guru ji

  3. Beauiful!
    You have a lovely way of penning down ur thoughts!
    May Krishna bless you o forever continue writing so beautifully.

  4. DrainPiper

    Thank you for your comments 🙂 I really appreciate them. You are like the Vrajavasis, who see beauty in absolutely everything!
    Hari bol 🙂

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