I’ve been a vegetarian now for around 1 year and a few months. And PROUD!

How I became a vegetarian:

Once, I looked down into my plate of chicken, thinking, “This used to be ALIVE a while ago, running around in a farm, moving, walking, breathing, playing… and now it’s in my PLATE.” I couldn’t deal with the thought of knowing that I was eating something that was alive just a little while ago. Some people don’t get affected by such thoughts but it took its toll on me. Krishna Consciousness also advised that I become a vegetarian. I knew Krishna would like it if I became a vegetarian. So I became one. It took a desire to please Krishna and an inexplicable, sudden, outpouring surge of love and affection towards animals to turn me into a vegetarian for life. And I don’t regret that decision one bit! I love being a vegetarian!

Except that sometimes I feel like an outcast 😦 I’m like the only vegetarian amongst my friends. Every time we go out to eat, everyone has to sometimes change their place of choice just because I’m a vegetarian. I feel like such an inconvenience. Sometimes, I don’t really even get to eat. There’s hardly any vegetarian food around here. And even fewer pure vegetarian restaurants. I feel so bad sometimes because every time we have to somewhere to eat, I’m just like always asking the waiters if the meal is pure vegetarian or not. I even have to ask about ICE CREAMS, for Pete’s sake!

But it’s okay. I’m ready to face this every day of my life. Because I personally feel that Krishna is happy with my decision to be a vegetarian. And my soul feels happier too. I do have to follow a stricter diet, to ensure I get all the right vitamins and minerals, but it’s going to make me healthier and that’s great.

You know, Krishna is so merciful… He used to fulfill my cravings even when I would crave for meat. This was when I was starting out on my path towards Krishna. I used to often crave for food items and somehow, He would always provide it for me. One time, He even provided a meat dish for me, the day that I was craving it. I remember thinking at that time, “Lord, You shower so much mercy all the time! Even though you do not like me to eat meat, you are still providing it for me, simply because I am craving it. How insignificant I am, and how merciful You are!”

After I became vegetarian, I started having cravings for all these delicious types of vegetarian meals. Oh my mouth just waters thinking of those dishes! I always thought that there was nothing to eat when it came to vegetarian dishes. There are actually so many vegetarian dishes and meals that are really delicious! Just need to find the right places!


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4 responses to “Vegetarianism

  1. Ash

    I’m deeply impressed. I’m sure Krishna must be very pleased with you 🙂

    I too have felt the urge to convert to vegetarianism several times – I’m working on it. From eating meat several times a week, I’ve now reduced it to once a week. Maybe I’ll eventually get there.

    • DrainPiper

      Wow, that’s incredible! I’m very glad that you are working on becoming a vegetarian. Krishna will be very happy with your efforts!
      And don’t worry, if it is your sincere desire to do this for Krishna, it will happen very easily, and you won’t even notice 🙂

  2. Hmm…how did i become vegetarian?
    By His grace, by being born!
    PS: My dear krishna, thanku 4 taking such good care of me.

    It’s really wonderful that u found the will to give it up. i guess it’s harder than being one from birth.

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