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Metro Miracle + Prayer

Krishna, Krishna, how You amaze me!

Today when I got into the metro, the train wasn’t moving. There were some difficulties and there was a halt. So I got a seat, plugged in my headphones and played a lecture audio by Bhakti Tirtha Swami. I was really exhausted, and I just wanted to relax. Krishna was merciful to me and had put me in a submissive mood. I prayed, “Lord, if it is in Your desire, if You wish, please make the train function well. Whatever is in Your desire, Krishna. Whatever You desire.” It had been around 3 seconds since I said that little prayer. Then the metro doors shut, the beep sounded and the train began to move. I was just in awe! Krishna never stops gracing us with His holy presence! Continue reading


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Miracles: Krishna’s Reciprocation and Forgiveness

I joined a new Hare Krishna class this past Wednesday. It’s a Bhakti Vriksha class and each week, they teach one verse from the Bhagavad Gita and we study it in depth, and have a discussion about it. It’s really a fun class and it would be especially useful to understand the verses I don’t fully comprehend. The teacher there and the rest of the devotees were very very nice to me. They were so warm and welcoming. They were just wonderful devotees who were so inspiring. We first sang the Damodar Aarti, and then one of the devotees explained Chapter 12. Guys, I swear to you, Krishna is alive. During the group japa session, I was dazing and I was not concentrating. I was chanting rather inattentively and my faith wavered. Continue reading


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“Sing Your Love Song”

Blow Your conch shell amidst these armies,
Shatter my misguided heart with the sound.
I am not the enemy, but I am deeply bewildered,
Let Your conch shell set me unbound.

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Dream about Krishna + Krishna looks after His devotees

Last night, I dreamed that I was on the phone with a girl from my Hare Krishna Youth class. While we were on the phone I noticed that my krishna deity in my altar had turned his head. I stared on in disbelief and he did it again! Then he spoke and I put the phone close to the deity so my friend could hear it. Then I told her I would call her back so I kept the phone. The deity then came alive. Continue reading


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Knowing Krishna: Who is God?

  • Jagganath: Lord of the Universe
  • Hrishikesh: Controller of the senses
  • Dinabindu: Friend of the afflicted
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