Metro Miracle + Prayer

Krishna, Krishna, how You amaze me!

Today when I got into the metro, the train wasn’t moving. There were some difficulties and there was a halt. So I got a seat, plugged in my headphones and played a lecture audio by Bhakti Tirtha Swami. I was really exhausted, and I just wanted to relax. Krishna was merciful to me and had put me in a submissive mood. I prayed, “Lord, if it is in Your desire, if You wish, please make the train function well. Whatever is in Your desire, Krishna. Whatever You desire.” It had been around 3 seconds since I said that little prayer. Then the metro doors shut, the beep sounded and the train began to move. I was just in awe! Krishna never stops gracing us with His holy presence!

Some of you may think that it is just a mere coincidence. I would, too. But this has happened far too many times for it to be a coincidence. I can recall 2 other similar instances where immediately after a prayer to Lord Chaitanya, the situation resolved. These 2 instances happened on the same day, in very similar circumstances: I was on a tour in Europe, and both times, families went missing and did not report. Those of you who have been on tours would know that if someone does not report back at the set time and place, they are left behind. So both times I prayed to Lord Chaitanya to bestow His causeless mercy and bring those people to where the rest of us were – it would be great trouble to them if they had to find their way back into the city (it was a tour to the mountains). As soon as I had finished saying the prayer, BOTH times, these families were spotted. Mercy? Yes. Tonnes of it!

There are so many other instances. One particular type that I am deeply grateful for is Krishna solving my problems. Usually when something is bothering me greatly, I just go before Krishna in prayer, and ask Him to take complete charge of the situation. I tell Him my problem and tell Him exactly what is bothering me, and I ask Him to help me. And I’m not even kidding when I say this, but soon after praying these prayers, maybe after a few days, the problem gets resolved. Somehow I am put in situations where the issue itself is presented to me, giving me an opportunity to solve it.

Prayer, prayer. Our connection to God. I want to always be immersed in prayer and praise of Krishna. Bhakti Tirtha Swami explains the nature of the mind, saying that nothing hurts us more than a friend who attacks us. Only a friend who cares and is affectionate makes us happy. That’s how the mind is. It can be our deadliest enemy, or our greatest friend, depending on our control over it. Swami mentions that the mind is like the enemy who knows our ‘weak spots’ and it is just waiting to attack those weak spots. Prayer helps us strengthen and check the mind, to make sure it keeps working towards a higher goal, towards Krishna. Prayer gives strength and direction to the mind. It is like the strategy we employ to reach our goal, which is Krishna. Prayer helps and it really works. Krishna really does listen. I have noticed this and those who haven’t yet definitely can. All we need is heart. If you have sincerity, if you have the desire to seek God, then God will come. Bhakti Tirtha Swami says that sometimes we make promises that we can’t always keep. But Krishna makes promises and He fulfills each and every one, since everything rests in Krishna. And He is ‘atmarama’ – meaning self-suficient. He is fully capable of fulfilling all His promises. He will keep His promise. We just have to make an effort to keep our part of the promise. He promises to guide us from within to come to Him, He promises to love and forgive, He promises to come when we call. And He fulfills each one these promises. All we have to do is take the first step.


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3 responses to “Metro Miracle + Prayer

  1. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know what part of your comment will drive me mad.
    And, oh! To be with Him, and serve Him….
    To rejoice Him as our own…
    To love Him in completion, free from all these many worrries…
    To, atleast in some pretext, that He’d see through, touch His beautiful feet…
    To eat the food that He would have tasted….
    KRISHNA!!!! Take me now!

    • DrainPiper

      Everytime I think of being with Krishna in His abode, I just can’t stop myself from daydreaming about how wonderful it would be! Sighh… CANNOT WAIT!!!!

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