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Devotee Website: “Full Lotus Kirtan Show”

The Full Lotus Kirtan Show is an offering of peace to our hectic world. The show features contemporary and traditional devotional music, interviews with renowned artists and bhaktas, and in-studio kirtans with local and regional groups. Kirtan is call and response devotional chanting to the divinity and perfection within us all. It opens our hearts and brings us closer to each other and to the source of all that is. Let this show be a simple reminder to reflect upon the beauty of our world and to express your love with a bold and boundless heart.”

That description was taken directly from the website. Click here to visit. An interview with the Mayapuris was featured yesterday and Prema Hara is going to be interviewed next Tuesday, so stay tuned!

Visit the website and show your support, guys 🙂

If you have any other devotee websites that you would like to share with the rest of us, please leave a link (and a small description if possible) in the comments! Thanks a tonne 🙂


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