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Peacocks, Courage and a Special Feeling

Last week, on Monday to be precise, I went with some friends to Hatta. On the way there, I saw a rainbow for the first time EVER. It was so exciting! What was even more exciting was the thought about my deal with Krishna. Everytime it would rain, I would just hope and hope to see a rainbow. So I made this deal with Krishna: If I see a rainbow, it will be a gift for me from Him. So remembering this, I began to wonder if it was really a gift for me. Call it silly, but after having lived 20 years of my life and never seeing a rainbow, which is so hard to believe, it really did feel like a gift. So for confirmation, I thought if I get to see a peacock sometime during the day, it would mean that the rainbow was definitely a gift from Krishna. Lol, I feel kind of childish and silly typing out all these funny thoughts! Either way, I didn’t come across one. Although, we did stop in front of a store called “Al Sakhi” (Al in Arabic means ‘the’). Sakhi just made me think of how Krishna was Radharani’s saakhi and that itself made me feel Krishna’s presence.

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