Only God can free you

Krsna, being the Lord of illusory external energy, can order this insurmountable energy to release the conditioned soul. He orders this release out of His causeless mercy on the surrendered soul and out of His paternal affection for the living entity. Therefore surrender unto the lotus feet of the Lord is the only means to get free from the clutches of the stringent material nature.            – Srila Prabhupada

By far, one of the best and most powerful quotes I have ever read. Once we surrender to Krishna, just once if we go before Krishna in all humility and submissiveness, say, “Krishna, my Friend, my Father, my eternal well-wisher, I am Yours. Do with me what You please. I am surrendering unto You and none else,” He will hold us and lift us out of this material existence, out of this illusion. He will lift us with His beautiful lotus hands and with His causeless, never-ending mercy He will free us. Just like the shackles broke off Vasudeva’s ankles in the prison cell, Krishna with His beautiful mercy will break the shackles that are weighing us down to this material world. He is Lord of this Universe and this material illusory energy is under His command. If we simply surrender to Krishna, He will command that illusion to leave us alone for Him. And like a loving Father, He will hold us and protect us, and keep us away from ignorance. He will gaze lovingly upon us amidst all His beauty and splendor, and tell us, “My child, you are home again, you are safe again.” The Protector. He told Arjuna on the battlefield, “My devotee, be free from all anxiety!” In the same way, He will free us from all our anxieties, simply by His will and command.

Surrender to His will. Obey His command. Be the good children that He wants you to be. And swim forever in His ocean of mercy, swim forever in His love.

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