Party Weekend!

Hello hello!

Are you guys ready for a 3-day party, filled with music, dance, drama, food, and everything else that you can think of?

Starting this evening, until Saturday night, we’re going to have a blissful Krishna Conscious Weekend. PARTY TIME WOOOHOOOOOOO!

Here are the details:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Bring your friends, your families, your relatives, acquaintances, random people from the street… JUST COME! Bring as many people as you like – Krishna’s doors are always open to His children!

The event on Saturday is really at a fabulous place, that will not even occur to your minds. The tickets into the arena are provided for free (it normally costs around 120-140 AED). You just have to email the address listed in the poster for the tickets. Trust me, it’s gonna be grand!

See you all there 😉

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