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Dream of Radhanath Swami

To what do I owe this splendid dream of a guru that I love so much?

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling just splendid upon having seen Radhanath Swami in my dreams.

I dreamt that he had come for an event at someone’s house and I was talking to him. He held my hand and he was looking at it, and I realized that I had put my watch on upside down. I said, “Oh! My watch is upside down!” And Radhanath Swami said, “Let’s fix that, shall we?” He then tapped my watch with two fingers, and Continue reading


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Kirtaniya Sada Hari

Kirtaniya sada hari: Constantly engaged in chanting the Holy Names of Lord Hari

I just came back home after an ecstatic evening. This weekend was just so incredibly Krishna Conscious. I didn’t go for the event on Thursday, but I went yesterday and today.

Yesterday, HH Bhakti Brnga Govinda Maharaj sang such a beautiful kirtan. But my mind is foolish. I was so not into it. I was looking around me and everyone was just taken in by the kirtan. Why not me? Continue reading


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