How many of us are constantly living in fear? Fear of failure, of the future, of rejection, of uncertainty, of growing old, of getting sick, of death… As natural as these events may be, as inevitable as they may be, we are all still afraid. Why is all of this so terrifying? More importantly, how can we overcome this fear? How can we face this demon of fear head-on, and come out on top?

The answer is God.

When Srila Prabhupada was asked how he felt when he chanted, he said, “Fearless.”

Just a while ago, I entered my building to find that the lights in the lobby were off. It was pitch dark. I stepped into the lightless elevator and pushed the button. The lift doors closed and made its way to my floor. Only, it got stuck. It was impossible to see anything. I put my hand in front of me to check if the doors were open. They weren’t. How awful.

“Oh Gopinath! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”

I started to chant. I made sure I kept chanting. I kept telling myself to keep chanting. The fear I was feeling at first was dissipating.

I fumbled around trying to hit the ‘alarm’ button. A bell sounded and the lift began to move again. The watchman had called the lift from the ground floor and then the door opened. I asked him what had happened, he said that the power was out. I then made my way to the staircase, using my mobile for light. I climbed a flight of stairs and realized I never thanked him for his help. So I went back down and said thanks to him.

Then I went out of my building to make a phone call when I started to feel the gravity of the situation. I almost felt like crying because I felt afraid that I had been stuck in the elevator. Now it may have been trivial – I was only in there for a short while. But it was pitch dark in the elevator. I had been stuck inside once before, but the lights were on. This time I couldn’t see anything. Moreover, it’s not really pleasant being stuck in an elevator. Anyway, upon realizing that I was feeling afraid after having gotten out from the elevator, I started to think that I wasn’t really so afraid when I was actually stuck in the elevator. Because Krishna’s Holy Names were there with me. Therefore Krishna Himself was there with me, keeping me company and looking after me. This may have been a little experience, but it was enough to teach me that the Holy Name can truly make me fearless.

What worries should I even have, after knowing Krishna as the Lord of my life? Why should I ever have to be afraid? I am in safe hands. Krishna will always protect those who seek His shelter. Srila Prabhupada says that real protection is Krishna. And protection begins when devotional service begins. So when we are in devotional service, what need is there for us to ever be afraid? When Krishna is actually present with us, in our hearts, and through our chanting, why should we ever be scared?

Raakhe Krishna maare ke? Maare Krishna raakhe ke? If Krishna wants to protect someone, who can kill him? And if Krishna wants to kill someone, who can protect him? As devotees, we can be sure that Krishna will always protect us. Aah but to even die by his hands is such a great blessing! Recall Bhishma who stretched open his arms on the battlefield of Kurukshetra when he saw Krishna running towards him with a huge chariot wheel to kill him. Even though Bhishma died on the battlefield and was the opposing team, Krishna still glanced lovingly upon him. On his deathbed, Krishna granted Bhishma perfect memory, promising him he would feel no hunger, thirst or other discomforts. He provided him with protection from all these material discomforts. There is a beautiful part in the Mahabharata where Krishna is meditating. Who could Krishna be meditating upon? Could that mean that there is someone more superior to Krishna? Someone that even Krishna, the God of this Creation, worships? Upon being asked whom He was meditating upon, Krishna replied, “Bhishma.” Why? Simply because Bhishma was meditating upon Him.


“The pure devotee is always within the core of my heart, and I am always in the heart of the pure devotee. My devotees do not know anything else but me, and I do not know anyone else but them.”  – Srimad Bhagavatam, 9.4.68

“Just fix your mind on Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and engage all your intelligence in Me. Thus you will live in Me always, without a doubt.” – Bhagavad Gita, 12:8

“I envy no one, nor am I partial to anyone. I am equal to all. But whoever renders service unto Me in devotion is a friend, is in Me, and I am also a friend to him.” – Bhagavad Gita, 9:29

So many times Krishna has promised to keep us in His thoughts. We are always in His thoughts. We are never far away from Him. From seeing how Krishna was engaged in meditation upon Bhishma, we should know that when we lovingly meditate upon Krishna, He is similarly focusing on us and reciprocating with us.

Now when Krishna so explicitly says that He is our friend and we are so dear to Him, why would He not help us? It cannot be possible that He does not care about us. He is God. He is the Creator of this universe. Simply with a glance, this entire creation came into being. By His will alone, everything is accomplished. He can dispel any fear that we may have in an instant. He promises us that His Holy Name can dispel all fear, all ignorance, all darkness and all inauspiciousness. Krishna and His name are non-different. Have full faith that Krishna and His Holy Names will protect you. Through His Holy Names, Krishna can help us realize important things. Krishna teaches us about the truths of life. He encourages us to develop good godly qualities. In this way we can become more accepting of anything that comes our way. Krishna can teach us through others, through scripture, through gurus, and even Himself through experiences, realizations and by talking to us from within the heart. Knowing and understanding things can reduce some of the fear we may have. So study scripture, engage in devotee association, and more importantly, talk to Krishna. Pray to Krishna. Just keep Krishna in your thoughts always. Your life is in His hands. He will not put you in grave danger. Have full faith that He will protect you from any harm that may come your way. In His perfect protection, there is absolutely no need to be frightened of anything at all. Do not doubt even for a second that He will not protect you. Just remember Him at all times. Chant and sing His glories always. Keep thinking of Him. In this way, He will be right here with us – actually present with us. Just chant and keep your mind fixed on Him and let yourself feel His presence.

So when we know that Krishna will protect us, I believe it is Fear that needs to be afraid.


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10 responses to “Fearlessness

  1. LoveUeverNarayana

    Hello Dp,

    Yes!! Krishna and His names (more than thousand) are non-different….I have heard a wonderful story frm my granna …in previous yuga I guess, there was a person who had 27 children ..He had somehow named one of his sons “Narayanan” but he never had much faith on Sri Hari itseems …although while he was in his deathbed he called out to his son “Narayana” while he was in pain…but our sweet Narayanan our sweet lord, graciously accepted that soul so lovingly bcas he said “Narayana” while he was in his deathbed………He is the ONLY owner of each & every single soul no matter what he accepts us ALL ..He is the RESERVOIR of LOVE:-))))))

    This post helps us all to encourage ourselves to chant his holy name constantly..:-)) Thanks DP!

    • DrainPiper

      Hi! Thanks for your comment!
      I am familiar with the story you mention. It is the story of Ajamila. I love that leela so much! It just shows how much power is vested in God’s names! One only needs to build faith and love for Krishna and His names. Then even death is conquerable!

  2. DP- Gr8 post as usual! 🙂
    //Then even death is conquerable!//
    But, why conquer death?
    If death takes us to His place, then why conquer it?
    Given that even death is part of our Lord’s plans, just as much as our birth was, then why attempt to conquer it?
    At the end of the day, we seek no immortality.
    We seek but the opportunity to serve Him, and be with Him.
    All that we need to conquer is the evil in our hearts, to crush that evil under the Feet of Parthasarathy residing in our hearts
    All we need to conquer is distraction from Him

    • DrainPiper

      Very true! For devotees, being away from Him and in forgetfulness of Him is like death!
      Once we realize our true spiritual identities, that knowledge carries on life after life. In this way, we have something very valuable even after we are materially dead. We also get out of this cycle of birth and death. But we can also conquer death in the sense that we learn not to be afraid of it anymore, through Krishna’s grace. Like you said, it brings us to His place. Death is inevitable, but Krishna’s mercy is so much greater, that we can even conquer the impossible! Regardless of whether we want to or not, the fact is that it can be done, by Krishna’s grace and His grace alone! What a wonderful God He is 🙂 But like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says, where we are does not matter. What matters is our devotion, which should never be lost! It doesn’t matter if we are in heaven or hell, just as long as we can remember and worship Krishna!

  3. apfmd

    hare krishna
    gr8 post…`this is the answer why we have to gone exams in life or in examination hall …this kind of situations are like test our faith in god. where we stand…you have good experiences in your life, that has made your faith rock strong..

    hare krishna

  4. Monisha

    Hi devottes….our krishna is always EVERLASTING….i realised his grace on me is very powerfull…from my childhood i like to go to GURUVAYUR temple…but i dont get a chance to see him…you all know that LIFE is always a matter of waiting for the right time to act..i had been waiting for that surprising day to meet..After 3 days me and my friends were chatting…. one of my friend said that she is going to guruvayur temple after a week…after hearing this i cried within my heart .After my friends left i cried a lot :-(….this is not the first time i am crying.. usually i wil say to krishna that i have to see u in temple….and that day too cried a lot…i know that our krishna have the habit of playing with us..everyday he is playing with us then why i should not play with krishna??????I questioned myself……………Then i decided to play with him….I made one bond with krishna that he should call me to his place within a week….if not i wont come to your temple in my life….i just made a bond with him….after the end of a week…my friend called me at 11.50pm(night) and said you like krishna more know so you also come with us to guruvayur temple …..after hearing this i just stunned………at that time i thought oh my god!!!!!!!!!my krishna likes me more he does not want me to leave…that time i realized krishna’s powerfull grace on me…..i’m damn sure that he is a play boy and wins everyone’s heart…..HE IS EVERLASTING :-)…..

    • DrainPiper

      Awwww! That was so sweet!
      Krishna is so naughty!!! JUST before the week ended, He made your friend invite you the temple! Right before we give up, He swoops in and reminds us that He is there and loves us. He is so playful, isn’t he? But oh, how wonderful He is 🙂 I hope He showers blessings on you endlessly 🙂

  5. Sohini

    Thank you, so much.

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