Krishna, The Prankster

My uncle has been here in Dubai for about 2 months on a visit visa, looking for a job. So of course, I have been praying to Krishna for him. Last weekend, while praying, I got the feeling that he would get the job on the following Sunday. Sunday came and went but he was still unemployed. I thought maybe I had been mistaken. Maybe Krishna didn’t really promise me he would get a job on Sunday, but it was merely my own hopes projected onto Krishna.

That same week, on Wednesday morning, an aunt called up my uncle and told him she had seen a job vacancy online, at Emirates. I had been checking the website for quite some time now for jobs for myself and my uncle, but no luck. So I was really excited at the prospect of there being a vacancy suitable for my uncle. My aunt gave us the link address and to our dismay, it was not a job vacancy but an ad posted by someone who was seeking a job in Emirates.

Just then, I figured Krishna was playing a prank on us. Don’t ask me how or why I thought so, I just did. And then with full confidence, I thought that Krishna was playing a prank on us, and surely today He will give my uncle a job.

A few hours later, when I was in my room, my grandmother came and told me that my uncle got a job! Immediately I expressed that I knew he would get a job that very day. In my heart I thanked Krishna and I told my grandmother about how I thought Krishna was playing a prank on us and that I had a feeling He would get my uncle a job that day. All glories to Krishna! He’s so merciful πŸ™‚

Krishna really enjoys joking with us and making us laugh. Sometimes when things go wrong, I can just imagine Krishna laughing and giggling because He was playing jokes on me. Even my devotee friend feels the same way sometimes. And all the anger we may have felt just dissipates in a split second. This loving exchange between Krishna and His devotees is just so special! The way to create this relationship is by desiring it, and by practicing devotional service. Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that He reciprocates with us according to our level of surrender. So if we want Krishna to reciprocate with us some more, we need to fall deeper in love with Him. There is no question of Him taking us for a ride, the way people here in this material world do when you give them your love. He will not take advantage of our emotions and then desert us. He becomes so incredibly grateful. In the Mahabharata, Krishna says that when Draupadi was being abused and she cried out to Him, she purchased Him. The Lord just gives Himself away to someone who calls Him from within their heart. He feels indebted to such devotees and He is ever grateful. Just imagine. The Lord of this Universe feels so grateful to us, when we remember Him!

So in exchange, to make us laugh and smile, and to tease us, He likes to play pranks on us. He is known as the great Prankster. He likes to be among us and play with us, because that’s what friends do! He is our greatest friend, our best friend, and He will always be there for us, just like a true friend would.

Krishna, what would we do without You? Thank You so much for being so involved in our lives. Please don’t ever go away!


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14 responses to “Krishna, The Prankster

  1. Loved your post…you know, am in uae now, and i was at Dubai Mall for the weekend…they have this amazing water fountain display….i was imagining a water fountain display in front of Krishna’s temples someday πŸ™‚

  2. Silky

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I have to say, I love it! So much heartfelt emotion and many profound insights. There is truly nothing in this world that compares to falling in Love with God. The heart simply cannot be devoted to many different things. It is made to be devoted to God Almighty. Being in a real, committed and passionate relationship with God is like walking on a cloud. Heavenly!

    • DrainPiper

      Hi! Hare Krishna! Thanks for your comment!

      And I couldn’t agree with you more! Our hearts are truly meant for loving God. That explains why even though we love so many people and so many things here on earth, we can never be satisfied!

  3. Silky

    So true. Worldy relationships pale in comparison to the relationship we get to have with the Supreme Lord. He courts us into a relationship with Him. The thing is, he wants us to Love Him above everything else on this earth (worldly relationships, lust, food, praise of men, money, power etc..) We don’t have to be torn loving many things. We are free to love God above all! To Love and trust Him with abandon. Nothing is more fun!  I love getting up in the mornings now knowing that along with every day that God gives me is an opportunity to get closer to Him. It’s magical! Nothing brings more peace, joy, happiness, adventure, contentment and BLISS than this precious, precious relationship with the Lord.

    Have a divine week πŸ™‚

  4. apfmd

    hare Krishna

    hi dear , how are you now ?

    • DrainPiper

      Hare Krishna! Thanks for your concern πŸ™‚

      I’ve had a rather rough week. I went to the psychiatrist and was diagnosed with OCD. He prescribed medication but I’m not keen on taking them – I don’t want to take a chance with the side effects. I have been going for counseling so that has been helping me a lot! I have faith that Krishna wants me to be free of anxiety. I keep close His words to Arjuna in BG 11.49 (“My devotee, be free from all disturbance”). Soon, He will also free me from all this anxiety! I have started reading the Bhagavad Gita again, with specific regards to OCD. I am going to apply His divine instructions to fight OCD. With Him on my side, and the well-wishes of devotees like you, there is no way I will lose this war πŸ™‚ Thank you so much again, for your genuine concern. I appreciate it!

  5. apfmd

    hare Krishna
    my prayers is always with you. yes Krishna will make you free from OCD problem. or any problem you have..i request you take some part of medication so that it works as amrit ( medicines + devotion) . i am also want to share some thing with you and in love with Krishna. i 1st time visit iskon temple faridabad, haryana, india…on 12 april, 2011 on ram naumi day..i am going through some problem , i have written in my blog…i am disturb today..i dont know what comes in my mind..i shall visit krishna-rama lotus when i reached there, i call up a known devotee, he is not present there, he is on the job.. he told me, today is very auspicious day , today is mata sitaji’s birthday…i am so stunned to know today is same date as ram naumi…12 may,2011..i was so happy..i first time get the darshan of radha-krishna, sita-ram, lakshman nad haumnaji..its beautiful; .when i come to temple 1st time on ram naumi, i didnt get darshan of god, but this time, i sing amrit vani along with few ladies …i feel so blessed today….and got some answers of my question about love.

    hare krishna !!!!

    • DrainPiper

      Thanks for your prayers!

      And thanks for sharing that with us! Krishna knows the desire in your heart, and so He fulfilled them by giving you His merciful darshan, and a taste of bhakti πŸ™‚
      May Krishna always engage you in His devotional service, and I pray your problems will be solved.

      Hare Krishna

  6. Silky

    Oh my..I’m so sorry about your problem. I myself have a small problem with OCD. Also obsession with foods to eat:what foods to eat, how much, when….the questions never end. I’ve turned food (something to be regarded as prasadam, to be enjoyed in moderation)into something so complicated. These are all the workings of the cunning mind. What helps me is to immerse myself in the Word of God. Not pray or worship once or even a few times a day. All-the-time worship! To think of Him all the time, chant His Names silently, sing His praises. Being utterly absorbed in Him all day and night (unless I’m sleeping and even then I love to dream about God!) is a great way to keep these OCD type problems at bay. I’m sure God has provided us with these challenges so he can show us what a true Savior He is, what a genius He is and how awesome his ways of rescues are! He does love to show off πŸ˜‰ Take care and Blessed Be….

    • DrainPiper

      It’s really crazy right, how the mind can play such tricks on us? Arjuna says in the Bhagavad Gita, that taming the wind is easier than controlling the mind.

      “For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy.” – BG 6.6

      Just HOW TRUE is that verse?! I’m sorry you’re dealing with OCD too. Really, I empathize deeply. But your suggestion is fantastic! It’s hard for me to do, but I must try, nevertheless! The other day, on Nrshinga Caturdasi, I was being so anxious and OCD-like in the celebration hall, making sure I didn’t touch people, or that no one’s feet were near me, that no one stepped on my long skirt… Then I thought that they’re all devotees! In literature, it’s mentioned again and again, “The dust of the feet of devotees.” I was like thinking that I should actually be honored to touch the feet of the devotees! Once I can convince myself to feel safe around devotees, I can extend the feeling to everyone else too, because, factually, EVERYONE is a devotee of God!

      Relating these issues to God helps to keep God in the center and it definitely puts things in the right perspective. So I understand what you’re saying about being absorbed in thoughts of God! It’s a great great way to fight this. It surely tames the mind! πŸ™‚

      If you don’t mind sharing, what type of OCD are you dealing with…? By all means, feel free to not answer if you’d prefer that! πŸ™‚

  7. Silky

    Hi there…I have a huge fear and am repulsed by “dirt”
    and “germs” (in food, the bathroom etc…) so I feel like I need to live in my “safe place” otherwise it creates an enormous amount of fear in me. I also have weird food issues and sometimes obsessive thoughts as well. I hope you overcome this challenge. I know we both will because the Supreme One is our Savior. Focus on Him so much that there is no room left for anything else…:)

    • DrainPiper

      Ah, I have the same fears. And I also have the same “safe zone” kinda thing going on. But your advice is spot on. Focusing on God and praying to Him will most certainly get us through this!

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