Prayer Request for Saroj

An anonymous reader said:

“This is for my aunty name Saroj she is suffering right now from a chronic illness which has no cure her body flesh is slowly disappearing and from last 2 months she can’t eat anything as she dont feel like eating at all, she only drink little milk and some juice. Please Pray from Krishna for her easy departure from earth and she should not suffer anymore, Krishna should forgive her and not give her any more suffering as she is suffering from this disease for a very long time and her kids also can’t be with her at this time she is very old and they have kept nurses for her to take care of her, I feel like crying for her but I wish that she should get peace soon.”

I was very very sad to read this. I understand how you feel. It’s like you want them to be happy and become well again, but it’s not happening so you find yourself thinking that maybe it would be better if they depart. It’s a very difficult time and the feelings are very confusing.

Dear Gopinath, please bless Saroj. She has been suffering a great deal. Krishna, please stay close to her and look after her. You are the giver of life and thus, our lives are in your hands. If it is better for Saroj and if it is in your wall, call her back home to you and to your arms, where she will be with you and lovingly serve you. If it is in your will, please bless Saroj with good health and please let her condition improve. Give Saroj and her family the strength and faith to trust in you and to make it through this difficult time. You are the preserver of life and I know you are our well-wisher. You want us to be healthy and happy. Please look after Saroj, Gopinath. Forgive her for any sins she may have committed, and please engage her in loving thoughts of you. Thank you for leading the person who posted this prayer request to pray to you for her well-being. By the association of a devotee, I know that you have blessed Saroj greatly, because not everyone is fortunate enough to be around devotees. Krishna, we know that this body is one day going to perish. But we also know that only you can take away pain and suffering, like when Bhishma was lying on a bed of arrows, breathing his last, yet he did not feel any pain or discomfort because you had blessed him. In this way, bless Saroj, dear Krishna. Please take away her suffering. Gopinath, please stay close to Saroj and to her family. Thank you.


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7 responses to “Prayer Request for Saroj

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for your prayer request I hope Krishna will take her sufferings away by forgiving her sins. I have told her to do Japa so that she gets peace of mind.

  2. ssconfused

    Why did God created us? I just wonder sometimes why did he created this world and us where everyone is just suffering and there is no end to it. When he can give us his Bhakti why does he not give us that and let us suffer and suffer.

    • DrainPiper

      I wonder the exact same thing. ISKCON says that it was we who chose to come down to earth. We wanted our own independence, so Krishna created a place for us to be independent.

  3. Lostgopi

    To whoever posted this request, I know how terrible it feels to see your loved one suffer like that. I went through months of feeling desperately helpless and depressed seeing someone I love like that, before they passed on. In the end, I had the same prayer as you.

    Krishna..Guruvayurappa, please listen to our prayers..please be merciful to Saroj. Krishna, take away her pain and fill her mind with peace . We know that whatever we have to go through in this lifetime may be because of our past karma , yet, Hari you can give her the strength to face them..Hari, can you not reduce her suffering ? Krishna, dear, please hear our prayers.

    Hare Krishna.

  4. Anonymous

    My Aunt Saroj passed away yesterday, Krishna took her in to his arms, May her soul rest in peace. Thank you DP and all those who prayed for her.

    • DrainPiper

      I am sorry for your loss. May Krishna give you and your family the strength to get through this. She is now in Krishna’s loving arms, I am sure. May she rest in peace.

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