Prayer Request for Shweta

Shweta said:

“I know my prayer request is nothing infront of all these requests which I read above but please pray for me that I get a little krishna of my own in October as I am expecting now. I want to hold and love my Krishna and I will name him Krishna. I just can’t wait till he is in my arms.

Hare Krishna!”


Dear Shweta, your prayer request made me feel so soft and warm and fuzzy inside! Congratulations! I was so pleased to read it! Let me tell you about a true story a devotee told me some time ago. A lady was expecting and during one of her check ups, the doctor found a tumor. As the baby was growing, the tumor was also growing. Extremely worried, she sought the advice of her guru maharaj, who advised her to chant a shloka from the Mahabharat episode where Parikshit Maharaj, who was in the womb of his mother Uttara at the time, was at threat from an arrow shot by Ashwattam. In the Mahabharat, Uttara asked Krishna to protect her child and Krishna did so. So the lady we are talking about was saying these slokas and praying to Krishna. The doctors began to find that the tumor was starting to shrink! The lady had a normal healthy delivery by Krishna’s mercy πŸ™‚

Keeping this real life incident in mind as well as the incident in the Mahabharat, I pray that Krishna will protect your child. Gopinath, please bless Shweta and give her the necessary strength to take on this responsibility you have given her, and bless her and her child abundantly with good health. May they grow stronger in their faith in you day by day, dear Gopinath, and may her child become a loving devotee, just like the mother.


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12 responses to “Prayer Request for Shweta

  1. Shweta

    Thanks sooooo much I feel so blessed you know Krishna started taking care of me when I got pregnant , what I use to crave in few days I use to get that either in my office by some colleague or in a restaurant where buffet lunch is served those things are not like I couldn’t have made them by myself but those who have been pregnant or have seen a pregnant women they know how difficult it is to cook in first few months. I don’t have anyone here to look after me my husband can’t cook but Krishna knew all this and he took care of my cravings, also my mom is coming from India to help me in sep but due to some reasons she will leave in nov …..I was worried how will I manage alone with 2 kids and dropping the older one to school and picking her etc then one day out of the blue one aunty came and she said she can cook and baby sit if I want and she don’t want anyone to pick and drop her as she lives close by…….that was strange cuz I never was able to find anyone near my place who can come and go on their own that was also one example of krishna’s mercy on me. One more thing when I planted tulsi plant seeds before the plant start blossoming I got the dream that little leaves have come up and there it was after few days those were exactly I saw in my dream it was as if Krishna is giving me vision and this has started since I have become pregnant not before. Like you said I chant mantra of Krishna 108 times in morning and then for the rest of the day mental Japa it gives me peace last pregnancy gave me lot of anxiety and worry but this time when I go for any checkup or blood test I know I will be fine as Krishna is there with me nothing wrong can happen now. All my worries are going away…….since childhood I am a firm believer in god but for Krishna I have become attracted towards him lately. When I go to I skin temple all of a sudden I feel like crying it happens looking at those deities they look as if Krishna is right infront of me. I have one more miracle to share but I will do it later as this blog is getting too big:) Hare Krishna please never ever leave me and please listen to my prayers I take refuge in you.

    • Shweta

      Sorry I wrote anonymous please use my name in posting the comment Shweta

    • DrainPiper

      Oh, please share more! It was so wonderful to read everything you wrote! Krishna is simply wonderful πŸ™‚ He has blessed you! It’s amazing all the things he is doing for you! Especially that part about someone offering to babysit your children! Wow!

      You know, about getting the food that you are craving, that happened to me as well when I first started getting close to Krishna! It happened to one of my friends too! The exact same thing! I don’t know, I guess he wants our tummies to be happy! Haha!

  2. Shweta

    Yesterday the babysitter came and cooked for us and you know what she is a Krishna Bhakt too πŸ™‚ oh I am so in love with my Krishna now. He knows I needed help and he is there for me.

    • DrainPiper

      Omg, wow! She is a Krishna bhakt?! I cannot believe this! This is AMAZING! Wow! It’s so obvious now that Krishna is behind all of this!

  3. lost gopi

    Hi Shweta,

    Your prayer request made me think of the love of the Vrajawaasis each gopi in Vrindavan loved Krishna as her own son! And you are going to name him Krishna too , that is so beautiful!
    I pray that your baby may fill your life with joy, and on looking upon his sweet face you see darling Krishna’s face.

    Govind Damodar Madhaveti !

  4. Shweta

    Hi DrainPiper can you tell me what was that mantra which you mentioned in the real life incident that lady use to say to Lord Krishna to protect her baby?

    • DrainPiper

      I have no idea which mantra it was. Another woman also asked me for it but I am unable to find out. Perhaps if you look at the Mahabharat shlokas you will find it, after cross-checking with the English translations.

  5. ssconfused

    Thanks DP and LostGopi, my due is next month I will definetly update you guys what happened till then pray for me πŸ™‚

  6. toral

    Krishna always fulfills everyone’s desires. He did mine with a beautiful baby

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