Prayer request for Shell

Shell said:

I’m asking for prayers of reconciliation for myself and the love of my life. she is my best friend and I hope one day for her to be my wife. But recently we had been arguing andI broke her trust. I know this seems silly but she was the one person who loved me and I love her. Please bring us back together again, let our foundation be strong and loving please let me get the apartment that is affordable I want to create a home for my family including her. I love her and I want her in my life forever.
Thank you

Gopinath, you out of everyone surely know the pain that love can bring. Shell has been feeling some grief and if it is in your will, please reconcile him with his dear friend. Be the guidance and forgiveness between them, if this is your desire. Everything happens according to your divine will and if there is something better in their future, then so be it. But please, Krishna, give them the strength to get through this and be their guidance.

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