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How to Lose Weight

It’s the weekend! And this weekend is going to last 7 days! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABulous! Eid is on Sunday and so we have a wonderfully long holiday.


So anyway, I thought I’d blog about the workout routine and diet I followed to lose weight. Here goes: Continue reading


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Blacking Out

So I’ve been dieting for the past couple of weeks. I have also been walking for a minimum of 3 hours everyday to burn off the calories. Obviously enough, I have reduced my food intake. Yesterday, while over at my friend’s place, I blacked out. Well, I almost blacked out. We were eating in the kitchen and I was almost done with my food when I started feeling sick. I told B that I needed to sit down and he told me to wait while he got one of those folding chairs. He got held up and I followed him to the other end of the house and told him to quickly get the chair. He set it down in the nick of time. Everything was spinning by then Continue reading


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