Prayer Requests

These prayer requests are basically a chance for all of us to humbly request the mercy, blessings and prayers of one another. You can request prayers for any situation at all, be it help, guidance, devotion, etc.
  • You can comment on any blog post of mine with your prayer request.  I will copy paste what you write into a new blog post. Please comment by writing “PRAYER REQUEST” in the first line of the comment so I know it is a prayer request. Alternatively, you can leave a comment on this post as well.
  • Your prayer request will appear under the category titled ‘Prayer Requests’
  • You must leave any sort of name or nickname for us to address you by. Even initials will do. This is for clarity when I post your prayer requests, and also to address you in our prayers.
  • I will reply to your prayer request by posting my prayers for you. Others can send in their prayers as well.
  • I would also appreciate it if you could follow-up with us and let us know about whether your situation has improved or not, and how.

You can also post any general prayers that you have.

48 responses to “Prayer Requests

  1. Birken


    I am very happy to find your blog, and especially this page. I am returning to Krishna Consciousness after about 6 years of being illusioned again in Maya. These past few years have been detrimental to my economic situation and I have noticed that I am being challenged in not reacting to this karma. I am requesting that a prayer be said for Krishna’s mercy, as I am now studying and praying as a Devotee again, doing all I can to be in alignment with Supreme Personality Godhead. I had been very puffed up with pride, and now see how I have allowed the ego to misguide me. Its been an amazing life lesson, but I know I have disappointed Krishna. I long to be back in his good grace, where life experience flows like honey. I work in the social enterprise sector, and I have projects that will help many people, and I very much want his blessings for their success, for the betterment of the planet. I am now doing all I do for Krishna.

    Thank you with all my heart
    Hare Bol

    • DrainPiper

      Haribol Birken. I have created a new post with your prayer request:

      Also, if possible, please update to let us know if things have changed for you after prayers by devotees. Thanks. Hare Krishna

    • sweetnand

      prayer request
      My name is Nandita . I am a hindu girl . I thank krishna for all the help given till now. Now I have humble prayer request . I am in love with a guy his name is anoop rathnakaran he is achahari and me nair so both sides family are looking for marriage but i want to get married to anoop rathnakaran and have a very good future with him . Please everyone pray for me .

    Dear DP,
    It’s been so long since i got to talk with you, and so i have been wondering how you are feeling now. How you are coping with your OCD problem.
    So, this is my prayer request:

    O Dear Krishna!
    You are the eternal bhaktavatsala! You respond to your devotees the minute they call you. In fact, You are the only master who will find utmost delight in always being there for His slaves!
    So, today i render a little petition of utmost importance (HIGH PRIORITY) at Your Feet!
    It does not concern me directly, but a friend of mine whose vibes of suffering i have felt.
    It pains me that someone should struggle with a disease, even more that your ardent devotee must undergo this tribulation!

    Dearest Dhanvantri! Will you please cure her?

    O Lord Narasimha! Will you not protect her? Will you please reassure her and hold her, just as you protected Prahlad?

    Will you please destroy with your ferocious anger the evils that torment her, and with Your lovable glance, reassure her?

    O Lovable Parthasarathy! We are but puppets at Your feet! We dance to Your tunes, as You command. Will you not command her heart, in which You reside, to be free of all evils? Will you not tune her mind to well-being, just as you tune us to hear Your praises from our mouths?

    i know not even her real name, but who better than you to know opeople?
    Who other than You understands people?
    So Dearest Antaryami! You know for whom i pray better than anyone else, and so please let your help reach her at the very earliest! Rid her existence of all the evils that torment her, so that she may serve You with more and more dedication.

    Yours, for ever, and ever,

    • DrainPiper

      Oh my, that was beautiful. Thank you so much for your prayers! I feel so touched by your selflessness! You are truly an example to live by.

      The past few days have actually been pretty good for me. Just today I feel rather distressed but I’d rather have a few good days than none at all! Perhaps your prayers have something to do with the good days I’ve been having 🙂 and for that, I thank you for your mercy from the bottom of my heart.

    • Krishna Devotee


      Amazing. Your prayer is so heartfelt and profound it brought me to tears of joy and love thinking about the strength and might of Lord Krishna.

      Hare Krishna!

  3. meera

    good to read stuff like you think we can reach to that heights as the great meera did by following Krishna conciousness….

  4. Your Servent

    Hare Krsna.
    Please Accept My Humble Obesciences.
    I just read your article on Maggi tagged as “vegetarians-beware-of-maggi” & was really surprised.It would be a great help of yours if you can further elaborate on the topic.

    • DrainPiper

      Hare Krishna. I’m going by what is listed on the ingredients as printed on the packet. It says that there may be traces of non-vegetarian items.

  5. Vaishali

    Dear All,
    My husband is without a job for almost 2 years now, he has been trying very hard everyday to find one. No number of sending resumes, connection, networks seems to work. It looks like Krishna has left us and I don’t even know why. I love Krishna and have been praying to him for a long time.

    But with this expereince I don’t know what to beleive anymore. Please pray that my husband gets a job soon and whatever Krishna is angry about me he forgives me for it.

    Thank you for praying for us.

  6. tamanna

    Hello drainpiper, dere.?
    I feel like i can’t survive even a single moment without krishna.. may be m facing Ocd like u.. i hv never tried to go for any medical therapy bcz i strongly believe dat krishna will never let me down otherwise if i go for medical aid m sure doctor ‘ll diagnose me ocd or something similar atribute like… But smtimes i feel very low like deadly feeling.. even can’t breath properly,short paralyses,high b.p totally helpless & no1 is dere at dat time to help me out.And it’s not d case of one day it is d case wen i lost in krishna consciesness. At d same time when i see a painting of krishna made by me on d same room i ws lying over there in such condition i start crying.. & numb like fainting often occurs.
    but my conscience was not gone it was like krishna re-energises my body then i stand up and thanking krishna for being wid me,taking my care like a father & maintaining his mercy upon me ol the time. i know i hv temporarily lost krishna due to his will. No doubt krishna ‘ll not forget me and olways ready to help me. still i dnt know y i hv thoughts like ” its too much now may b m disturbing krishna by crying again n again and demanding him only ol d time.. may b he didnt like me or he dont not enough time to listen me.Afcourse he has other devotees too. ” even i also dnt want krishna to ignore other devotees. i know it’ll b normal soon as i got progress in a path of bhakti, following ol instructions as krishna likes me to do . Hey drainpiper i hope u r getting wat m tryin to say here my personal experience.. .I dnt want to go to a psychatrist sO plzzzzzz it’s my humble request to all of u 2 pray for me dat i cud b able to follow god instructions wat he want me to do so dat i cn make him happy and never irritate him by my short temper thoughts.

    • DrainPiper

      Hi. I was concerned about your health after reading your comment. What symptoms are you experiencing? It would be wise to go to a psychologist or a doctor of some sort. What leads you to think you might have OCD? The reason I ask is because sometimes, as much as we might not want it to, a psychologist can help make it better. Maybe you can tell me your symptoms and I can tell you whether it might be OCD or not.

      Regarding your constant prayer… That is exactly what Krishna wants! He says so himself in the Bhagavad Gita!
      “Always think of me, remember me and become my devotee. Thus you will come to me without fail. I promise you this because you are my very dear friend.” 18.65

      This is my favourite verse from the Gita and it is the most important one. Krishna will not be disturbed by your thoughts. Remember, he married 16,108 wives and each and every single one of them thought Krishna was only hers. In this way, through this Lila, Krishna proved that he can dedicate himself to each and every person and not even one person will feel like they are not getting his full attention. So your praying to him does not take away his time from other devotees. When you breathe, you are not taking away someone else’s breath. So don’t worry. Go ahead and pray to him as much as you want. He loves it! 🙂

  7. tamanna

    Hare Krishna to all of u.!!

  8. Lasyte

    I feel so sad today… I feel not deserve even telling the reasons… I know, Krishna knows all of them… I just want to ask somebody help me to pray, pray with me, for me, please… Krishna, please, guide me, be with me, please…

  9. avi

    Dear All,
    This might seem a petty issue when compared with life’s real difficulties. Even so it is annoying me every day&night.

    I am very much attached to my books.[ Though I am aware that one shouldn’t be attached to anything except the Lord.] I had lent 4-5 books to the son of my dad’s friend. After the exam when I asked for them last week I came to know that he has lost one precious[read excellent] book!!

    I feel as if I have lost a baby of mine. It’s not to do with price. Even if I lose money equal to the book’s price wouldn’t have hurt me so much. The moment I wake up in the morning that book comes in front of my eyes. The fact that I have lost a book just like that – for no fault of mine – is hurting me a lot. How do I become detached from such happenings in life? Krishna, please make my mind strong.

    • DrainPiper

      I can kind of relate to you. I tend to be like that as well. I am overly attached to my books and clothes. I collect a lot of things simple because I ‘like’ them even though I know I will never use them. My therapist told me to repeat ‘letting go is easy’ in order to help myself feel better. Perhaps this might help you? I wrote this phrase on a post-it note and kept it in easily viewable places and over time, it actually has become easier to let go of things.

      Is it not possible to get another copy of the book? Perhaps think deeper about why you want the book with you. Is it due to a sentimental value, a memory? Will the book be useful for you? If you had the book, would you be using it again or would it just be lying around?

  10. Shweta


    I know my prayer request is nothing infront of all these requests which I read above but please pray for me that I get a little krishna of my own in October as I am expecting now. I want to hold and love my Krishna and I will name him Krishna. I just can’t wait till he is in my arms.

    Hare Krishna!

  11. Anonymous

    This is for my aunty name Saroj she is suffering right now from a chronic illness which has no cure her body flesh is slowly disappearing and from last 2 months she can’t eat anything as she dont feel like eating at all, she only drink little milk and some juice. Please Pray from Krishna for her easy departure from earth and she should not suffer anymore, Krishna should forgive her and not give her any more suffering as she is suffering from this disease for a very long time and her kids also can’t be with her at this time she is very old and they have kept nurses for her to take care of her, I feel like crying for her but I wish that she should get peace soon.

  12. Hari krishnan


    I am amazed by the prayer requests over here. I am praying for all of them sincerely.

    I am 23 year old guy trying to attend interview for the designation – Software Developer next week. Recently i learnt in Bhagavad Gita that designations are illusions in material world that drives away from Lord Krishna.

    This company which i m attending interview is near ISKCON Temple..I want to get selected in this company for the sake of supreme personality of Godhead – Lord Krishna. This is my ultimate happiness to do devotional service to the Lord. I am unemployed right now. I m trying to study hard for the interview. Hope Lord Krishna helps me to gain lot of Hard Work, will power and curiosity to learn things quickly. I wanted to feel confident about my knowledge in programming and answer all questions in interview successfully.

    I want to get selected in this company in the will of Lord Krishna.
    Please do pray for me..

    Will Dedicate the fruitive results to the Lord,
    Hari krishnan.

  13. mira

    Prayer Request

    since March this year ..i became illusioned and distracted from Krishna consciousness. As a result i was always disatisfied with something or the other. I had a very important exam in june which i failed and was very disheartened.I tried to do everything to stay positive.Tried to figure things out as so many things were not going my way. I thought a lot about everything and as a result had a mental disorder . I was not able to relax and
    concentrate on my studies anymore ……then yesterday i dnt knw how i came through your blog and had tears in my eyes when i read ur posts as if Krishna is telling me to believe tht he is with me
    I am having the same exam again from 24th..please pray that i get Krishna’s love and success in exams this time 🙂

  14. Chandra Rao

    MEERA S, my mom is very ill at the nursing home completely bed ridden with third massive stroke and Partial paralysis on the right side, she cannot speak please pray for my mom

  15. Jai Sri Krishna

    Hello all,
    I was just recently introduced to Krishna Consciousness, and I am doing my best to go along with it, despite harsh studies at school and all. I have read the Bhagavad Gita, become a vegetarian, chant, read about Lord Krishna, etc. The problem I have is that my family really isn’t into Krishna and more into other demigods so I don’t really go to the temple (also because it is also far from my house), which means I can’t associate with realized devotees…

    Also, I am trying to focus 24/7 on Krishna but sometimes…. I just can’t, and it’s hard. So… what do I do?

    Another thing I want to ask is, have any of you seen Krishna? I know very well that his name and picture is as good as Him, but have any of you had actual darshan? Because I really want that, and, I mean, i dont know how…

    Sometimes, things get really tough, and, honestly… I don’t know what to do. I mean, I pray and all, but… sometimes I doubt that I’m even doing the right thing. Any way to get closer to Krishna?

    Please give me advice as to what I should do for the things I mentioned above.

    Thank you all! Hare Krishna!

  16. Jai Sri Krishna

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to ask…. have any of you seen Lord Krishna? I don’t mean like imagination, or like pictures. I don’t mean in other people and animals and in His name, though they are the same… but I mean in real life. And maybe even in realistic dreams… Even if no, please tell so I can know if I am the only one who hasn’t, or not….
    And if yes above, you are really lucky! If you see him again, please ask for him to visit me, because I really wanna meet Him! And did you have any interaction or did you simply see Him?

    Please all, pray that one day I might reach realization and be able to see Lord Krishna.

    Please tell as soon as possible. Thanks!!!

    • DrainPiper

      I wrote down an incident in my other reply to your comments.

      Also, there are many posts about dreams of Krishna. You can find it by looking for the tag ‘Dreams’

  17. Jai Sri Krishna!

    Hi all! I just wanted everyone to request for me some guidance as to what to do to serve Lord Krishna now. I have this desire to see Him, but it is only until He wills such that it will happen. I ask you to pray that I receive some sort of instructions from Him because I can’t meet devotees (can’t go to temple) and other issues and stuff. So I ask all to please request the Lord to instruct me….. please…..
    And if you have any suggestions…. that would be great!! Thanks!
    Hare Krishna!

    PS – Sorry, I don’t mean to rush anyone… but I sorta have a harsh school life and so this is the end of spring break for me (2 more days), and after that my schedule is blocked up and I really want to spend at least 2 days in full effort to obey Krishna, so if you can please reply asap, that would really help….. but I don’t mean to rush anyone, please don’t take me wrong…. I just thank you for replying to your fullest, as soon as you could.

    Also, if you could reply to the other posts when you can, that would be great 🙂 Thnx everyone!

    • DrainPiper

      I would say ask Krishna for guidance and closeness. Ask him to help you learn more about him and feel closer to him day by day.

      It’s okay if you cannot go the temple often. I don’t go either. I just have photos of Krishna with me from the internet and I have books about him 🙂

      • Jai Shri Krishna!

        I have been asking Krishna the same.

        Yes, I know. I have pictures with me too that I worship. I also find books online. But because my family thinks that I am too attached to Krishna, I pray in secret, which is sometimes hard. It’s really hard for me. I don’t know what to do!! I have been praying but…. nothing has happened yet.

      • DrainPiper

        Well, it will all happen in good time. I read somewhere once that we should not ask to see Krishna, we should become such good devotees that Krishna himself will want to see us. Focus on building a strong relationship with him. The heart can see what the eyes cannot.

  18. Jai Shri Krishna

    Hi Drainpiper! I sent you and email some time ago…. and am still waiting for you to copy paste and email to me my comment and your answer to my comments here under name of “Jai Shri Krishna”, email of, which now doesn’t work, but the comment is in that. You should have gotten a new email from me asking you for that, I believe…. Can you please reply to that? Cuz I’ve been waiting some time and needa communicate… btw is this blog still on??? I’m anxious for your feedback… so please telll what you can asap! Thnx so so so much! Hare Krishna!!!

  19. Jai Shri Krishna

    I wish all to thank Lord Krishna on my behalf. Although I couldn’t really bring myself to Him about high schools, I got accepted in a great one! Although schools are materialistic (which is why I couldn’t really ask for His help) he knew I still desired it (and I know doing so is materialistic, for I am only a neophyte devotee – still in need of training, which I can’t do without a spiritual master, but I can’t reach such because my family isn’t really interested in Krishna Consciousness and stuff… .so….. yea), so He gave me it. My friend (I only have one) worships Lord Rama. Should I talk with her about Krishna Consciousness stuff? I mean, if she takes it the wrong way, it might be embarrassing…. because she isn’t like *that* conscious (she isn’t trying to be such)… so…. should I? I mean….. i don’t know…..

    But thank you all anyways!
    Hare Krishna!

    • DrainPiper

      Congratulations on getting into a good school!

      Sometimes even I dont know how to approach Krishna. But I just do it anyway. The Gita says to offer all your fruits of action to him. Let me explain with an example how I would do this. There was a competition in university once for a marketing project. Now I wanted to do everything I did for the sake of Krishna. But how could I possibly do this marketing project for his sake? It wasn’t making any sense but I did it anyway. Before the presentation, I said to Krishna, “Gopinath, I dedicate all my efforts to you. Whether we win the competition or not, I dedicate my work and efforts to you. You do with it as you please.” Sometimes we dont have to know how or what he is going to do with it. We just have to remember that he is the center of everything. Oh and yeah, we ended up winning the competition!

      I dont personally think that just because we want to get closer to Krishna we have to give up material desires. I dont think its possible. I dont think its bad to ask him for things. As long as its not harming anyone, I dont see anything wrong with it. Many iskcon members think otherwise though. It is up to you to choose which path you want to follow but I personally dont hesitate to ask him for things. He is my best friend, why should I feel shy to ask him for help?

      And sure you can talk to your friend about Krishna. Nothing wrong with that. I would just say be respectful to her beliefs. She believes in Ram so she is already a Vaishnav. I think that to be a true devotee, you need to know that Krishna is the creator of this universe and he is God. Everything else comes second. Chanting, reading scripture, pooja, etc is all second to pure bhakti and love for Krishna Iin my opinion. Concentrate on that love and bhakti and everything else will follow.

      • Jai Shri Krishna!

        Yes, you’re right. A problem I have is that I sometimes forget about Krishna. Like, you know, being Krishna Conscious means to always think of Sri Krishna. But sometimes I can’t, even when I’m trying to. It’s like my mind wanders off and I don’t realize it until way later. Good job on the competition, though!

        I know that we shouldn’t feel shy when asking Krishna for things, but sometimes… I just can’t help it! I sometimes feel it is like an offense, and I don’t want to do such.

        I’ve always wanted to had actual interaction with Krishna, like mixed with servitude and friendship. And although I sometimes think of such, sometimes it is like… hard to believe that, because I never actually talked to Him and stuff. I never have actually seen Him – not even in dreams! 😦
        I mean, I know I shouldn’t doubt Him but…you know what I mean… (i hope)

        Okay, thanks! We are going to the same high school so we should solidify this relationship. But… um… the problem is that this school is supposed to be really hard (like sometimes having like 2 hrs of sleep due to homework, tests, etc) so I’m afraid that I won’t be able to spend time with Krishna.

        See… the thing is, my family doesn’t believe in Krishna. I mean, sure they say he’s a God and stuff, but equal to the demigods, sometimes even less than some of them. They are like: why did you become a vegetarian and stuff…. they don’t force me to stop but try to persuade me. And they think I’m too “obsessed” with Krishna. So I sort of show them that I don’t believe in Krishna that much, but I do. And that just makes everything even harder! So now I don’t even know what to do!

        It says in this book I read, “The Nectar of Devotion” and a bunch of other holy books, that a true Vaishnava resides in a holy place, like Vrindavana, Mathura, or Dvaraka. I don’t even live in India, what to speak of this!

        So I’m sort of stuck. I have been asking Krishna for guidance for quite some time, and I am still awaiting His response. I pray that He listens to me.

        Thank you!
        Hare Krishna!

      • DrainPiper

        Ah, I don’t know if I should really be giving you advice. Let me just say again upfront that I do not follow any form of organized religion where there is a leader of some sort. I don’t really follow all the rules and regulations listed down in scripture. I am cynical and question and doubt everything. I also often discard whatever doesn’t make sense to me. For me, the most important thing is staying true to the heart of the matter and following the core principles. Everything else is secondary.

        With this in mind, I will give you advice based on my personal opinions and experiences as well as my understanding of Krishna. You must however look into things for yourself and make decisions that are well suited to you.

        I don’t believe that a devotee needs to reside in a holy place. I just don’t think it’s necessary, just like I don’t think becoming a sannyasi is necessary. Perhaps it’s true that it is better to live in a holy place so that you are reminded of Krishna always and surrounded by devotees, but if it’s not possible, it’s okay! Vrindavan comes to the devotee who believes in Krishna. Krishna is just that merciful! If you have love in your heart for him, he will bring Vrindavan to you and you will feel his presence no matter where you are.

        I feel shy sometimes as well when I have to ask him for things. But think about it this way – when you want something from your parent, you ask them without hesitation. Why shouldn’t we be able to ask Krishna then? He is our father after all. I personally don’t think it would offend him. In fact, sometimes our parents feel happy when we ask them for things. You know how in the Mahabharata, Arjuna asked Krishna to become his charioteer? He wasn’t offended! He was happy to do so! This is because Krishna is loving and it pleases him to fulfil the desires of his devotees.

        If you want to dream about him, try asking him to come in your dreams! He really does, sometimes 🙂

        I had the same struggle as you when I became a vegetarian. I am no longer a vegetarian by Hindu standards due to health reasons. I still can’t eat meat but I do eat eggs now. Makes me feel bad but oh well, I have to do it for my health. Anyway, if your family doesn’t really believe in Krishna, that’s okay. It shouldn’t really deter you from doing so. They’ll eventually get used to the idea of being a vegetarian. It will take a little time, that’s all. Everyone is free to have their own beliefs and your family members have theirs and you have yours. Do what makes you happy!

        I wonder if anyone is really able to think of Krishna ALL the time. I don’t think that’s really possible. It’s possible to think of him a little, or a lot, but not all the time. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just give it your best!

  20. Jai Shri Krishna!

    Thanks Drain Piper! I really like this blog because some who are unable to talk with others can communicate with you!

    So I’m gonna ask…. how do you become a pure devotee, as it says in holy scriptures, etc. (I have read the books “Krsna: His Divine Grace”, “Bhagavad Gita” and “The Nectar of Devotion” plus other mini stories) that you need a spiritual master to become a pure devotee. Well… if you can’t meet one then what do you do?

    Hare Krishna!!

    • DrainPiper

      I don’t have a spiritual master either. They say that when the devotee is ready, that’s when Krishna sends a spiritual master. As for me, I consider Krishna himself to be my spiritual master. I also personally feel that in order to become a pure devotee, one must simply have faith in Krishna. That’s all I think it should take, but different schools of Vaishnava philosophy say otherwise. I’m a big proponent of following the core beliefs and letting the rest fall into place so I go by this. But do what feels right to you!

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