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Hello Kitty! =D

Today, my friend and I fed a little kitten! It was so nice. There’s this kitten that usually hangs around near this shopping center that we pass by almost everyday. So today, after many many days, I mustered up the courage to stroke the little cat. As I put my hand close to her, she seemed a little hesitant but then looked up at me with big beautiful eyes and I stroked her head a little. Later, my friend and I sat down on the stairs to play with her. Another man was stroking her back and when we came, she came running to us and went near my friend and stretched. I absolutely love the way that cats stretch. My friend was stroking her then and she seemed to be loving being stroked. Continue reading

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Helping the Helpless and Loving the Faithless

I was browsing on this Hare Krishna website and I happened to come across this video filed under “Hare Krishna Today”. This video is titled “Africa” and the short description given on the website is as follows:

Touring East Africa: A Hare Krishna festival team adventures across East Africa feeding and entertaining hundreds of thousands of people along the way. (Size: 20 MB)

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So I checked out the video and boy, was I amazed. While the Hare Krishnas preached to the people of Africa and tried to make them realize what who their souls were calling out for, they also provided them with entertainment and foodstuff. One of the Hare Krishnas in the video said something along the lines of making a difference and making their lives better, not just preaching. And that, my friends, just hit me right there. Continue reading

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