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A new drinking cup for Krishna!

One of the places I travelled to last week was Zurich. I bought a little steel cup as a souvenir for my friend. It’s maybe about three inches high, with the Swiss flag and ‘Switzerland’ written on it. So I gave it to my friend today, and she was going to open it, but kept it aside, thinking she’d open it later. Before I left, I told her to open it. So she did. And she sat there in shock, with goosebumps all over her. She went ecstatic! Turns out, she was just thinking about how she had been neglecting her ladoo gopal (a little Krishna deity that she has to take care of). She was thinking about starting to take care of the deity again, and she needed utensils. She was looking at her cups and they were all too big for the ladoo gopal. She had wished to get a smaller cup that would be suitable for the deity. And voila! She merely expressed this desire, and Krishna fulfilled it! My mother had seen these cups in Zurich in a shop we visited on a day tour, but we never purchased it. We then went looking around for it and couldn’t find it. My mother really wanted to buy these cups. She liked them a lot. So one day I was souvenir shopping, and I came across this shop that sold these little cups and we bought a few.  Looks like Krishna really wanted it too, huh 🙂

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How to chant Hare Krishna properly

AMAZING tips, truths and thoughts!

Please please visit this website to learn how to chant properly and how to realize the power of the Holy Name: http://www.harekrsna.de/artikel/japa-chanting.htm

I just read it, and I did my rounds for the day after reading it. I have to say, it really really helped. I was feeling so blissful! I was thinking that Radha and Krishna are here, I need to “welcome them” as the article suggested. So I did. And I needed to realize that the Holy Name is all I have and all I will ever ever need. I was feeling little chills. I was thinking wow if this is how people feel when they chant, what would happen if I trembled while chanting like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu would?!

It really is true, you guys. The Holy Name has special powers that we cannot even begin to understand. Please read the article. It really will help you experience the Holy Name! All we have to do is ask! We just need to ask Krishna to plant the seed of devotional service. We just need to ask Him to show us some mercy!


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Aindra Dasa has gone back to Godhead + Quotes on death

I never really knew Aindra Prabhu. Never heard much about him, never met him, never read about him. Today, when I logged on to Facebook, I saw everyone’s statuses talking about a great soul’s disappearance. Continue reading


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TONNES of mercy!

Oh, today today today…


Today was just wonderful. So much mercy! SO MUCH!

I was waiting for my friend to call me since she was going to take me with her to today’s Hare Krishna Youth Class from the metro station. I would walk, but the weather is just awful now. 44 degrees and soaring! Not cool, man! Continue reading


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Ratha Yatra 2010 in Dubai

Hare Krishna, everyone!

I attended the ISKCON Ratha Yatra festival in Dubai today. It was taking place in the Sindhi Ceremonial Hall in Bur Dubai. Before this, my grandmother and I went to the Bur Dubai Sinaji mandir. Even there they had made a special chariot for Ratha Yatra. The pujari or head priest was pulling the chariot forwards and backwards throughout the aarti ceremony. Continue reading


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Sadhu sanga: Hanging out with Hare Krishna devotees!

Today, I went to this place my friends go to every week for a discourse or lecture on Krishna Conscious topics. Everyone’s been trying to get me to go there for ages. So I went today, and, BELIEVE ME, it was incredible. I don’t care if people call me stupid or too religious, and say that I’m wasting my time, wasting my life, running after things that haven’t been “proven”… I really couldn’t care less. The feeling Krishna gave me today is more than enough to banish every negative atom around. Seriously. Continue reading

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Sleepless Night + 26 Qualities of a Devotee

It’s past 3 am and I just cannot sleep! I’m sick… AGAIN. Excess mucous, sore throat, stuffed nose, blocked ear… GRRRRRR! Well I’m feeling better now, though. I swear, I don’t know, call me crazy but before I chanted my round today, I prayed that Krishna would heal me. And oh my gosh, I started feeling better while chanting. Like I was finding it a lot easier to breathe. Cool beans, huh? 🙂 Continue reading

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My First Kirtan

Today, I attended my first kirtan. For those who don’t know, a kirtan is when people come together to join in singing the Holy Names of Lord Krishna:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

I waited with eager excitement for the Hare Krishnas to arrive. Continue reading

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Donate… at no cost!

Hey guys!

Have you been looking around, trying to find a way to help, but have been held back?

Fear not, there is a way!

Now you can help online! This website, www.goodsearch.com, gives money to charity organizations based on YOUR searches! It’s a search-engine and it’s very simple to use. All you have to do is visit the website, enter your chosen organization, ‘Verify’ it, and there you go! For every search you make, the organization gets some amount of money.

P.S. I’m supporting Food For Life Global 🙂 This is their website.

By the way, I came across Little Gokul’s website after eons of searching, thanks to the search engine mentioned above (Goodsearch.com). Here it is.


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Great Day

…And I owe it all to Krishna.

Yesterday, 4 others and I presented to a well-known fast-food company for a marketing project at University. I messed up and I was very being very hard on myself for making mistakes. I stammered, got stuck, forgot some main points, and I “handed over” the presentation to the wrong person. I apologized to my group-mates who said it was okay but I couldn’t stop beating myself up about it.

Today was the award ceremony. I have been living in anticipation since yesterday. Continue reading


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