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Krishna’s Holy Names

I am part of a new blog called “All About Krishna“. That is a sort of group/community type of blog for everyone to share their love for Krishna. Do visit 🙂
Here’s a post I wrote for the blog recently –
What’s so special about Krishna’s names? Why do we need to build our love and faith in Krishna’s names? Why is chanting Krishna’s holy names so important? What’s so special about the names of God? Let’s look at what great saints and our religious scriptures say about Krishna’s names:
1. The way to self-realization


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My Experiences with the Hare Krishna Mantra

Here I am, with a post on my personal experiences with chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. This was due a long time ago, but I had exams and assignments to work on, so my apologies.

So here’s all the coolio stuff that happened to me with regard to the mantra:

The first time I heard a studio recording of the Hare Krishna mantra with careful attention, Continue reading


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