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A Loving Reminder

Even if you forget Krishna, He doesn’t forget you.

A few days ago, I was walking home when suddenly the words to Damodarastakam found its way to my lips. I began singing to myself and realized it had been very long since I last heard/sang the Damodarastakam. It felt wonderful to sing it again!

Something stirred in my heart. Krishna was informing me that Kartik Maas was soon beginning – I was sure of it! Surely enough, I went home and checked the dates only to find out Kartik Maas was just a few days away.

I haven’t had time to look at a Vaishnava calendar, I haven’t been following festival dates, I haven’t been giving enough time to Krishna… But he knows how much I love the Holy Month of Kartik. And like a little child who reminds everyone about the important days in their lives, Krishna reminded me of his special days.

Have a blessed month!


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Miracles and Testimonies II

Here are some more nectarean miracle stories of those whose lives have been touched by Krishna 🙂

  • “One day, while in college, I was bankrupt. I didn’t have money for bus to go to college, though all I need was just 2 Rs. Surprisingly, that day, none of my friends came to my room. So, I prayed to Krishna that if you are truly there, please take me to the college. I’ll not ask money from anyone…but Krishna pls somehow you should make me go to college. If you do so, I’ll never ever again doubt your presence. Actually, that was the time, by the mercy of my Gurudeva, I began worshiping Krishna in His idol form. I waited in my room for a long while…. Continue reading


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How I came to Krishna Consciousness

I always believed in God. I always prayed. Although, when I was younger, I didn’t really know much about Hinduism which is the religion I was born into. But I always knew God exists. In school, I was too young to know the difference between different religions so I ended up staying put in class when other students left to different classrooms for their respective religious classes. I ended up studying Christianity from Grade 1 to 3. I was also in a Catholic school, so I was quite accustomed to praying according to the Catholic tradition, going to church, etc. My family is also very open minded about different religions. We would all go to church together sometimes, we have an altar at home, and many different murtis. We also have posters with Islamic verses on them. Obviously, as a result, my mind became very receptive to different religious traditions and cultures.
Starting from Grade 9, we began to study Hinduism. Continue reading


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Does Krishna get angry?

See what Sankarshan Das Adhikari has to say about this:

“Krishna becomes very, very angry when His devotees are tortured. He became so angry when Hiranyakasipu was trying to kill Prahlada Maharaja that He appeared in the form of Lord Nrsimhadeva and ripped that rascal apart with His own finger nails.

If a devotee is personally insulted he remains meek and humble. But if the Lord or another devotee is insulted, he becomes angry like fire to chastise the blasphemer. Such anger is divine.”

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“Spiritual Surgery and Krishna’s Promise” – by Sacinandana Swami

[Taken from: http://www.saranagati.net/index.php?S=3&Article=731&mpage=1]

“You can’t postpone it any longer,“ said the surgeon. “We have to do it now.“
“Okay,” I answered, “when is now?”
“As soon as you can be in the operation theater! See you, I am making the necessary preparations now,” replied my doctor.
This is how my story starts – a story, which many friends asked me to share. It is a story of protection and how a divine promise was fulfilled.



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Krishna’s Love

Exactly 2 weeks ago from today, my mind began wondering, for the umpteenth time, whether there really is only one true religion in the world, and maybe I’m in the wrong one. So I thought let me pray. First, I prayed to Krishna to please reveal Himself to me. Then I prayed to God, without any hint of sectarian beliefs or distinction between religions – just the God of this creation, asking to know Him and worship Him the way He would like me to. I asked to be shown what the truth is and what the truth isn’t, so I would be able to distinguish which religion is bonafide.

So I logged on to http://www.krishna.com and there was a verse quoted:

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Prayer Requests

So I had a thought recently about devotees praying for one another. Someone I know was talking about how devotees pray over one another in churches. Also, I’m familiar with how preachers, pastors, as well as ordinary people pray over one another in churches and God works through them to heal others and help change others’ lives.

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