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Miracles and Testimonies II

Here are some more nectarean miracle stories of those whose lives have been touched by Krishna 🙂

  • “One day, while in college, I was bankrupt. I didn’t have money for bus to go to college, though all I need was just 2 Rs. Surprisingly, that day, none of my friends came to my room. So, I prayed to Krishna that if you are truly there, please take me to the college. I’ll not ask money from anyone…but Krishna pls somehow you should make me go to college. If you do so, I’ll never ever again doubt your presence. Actually, that was the time, by the mercy of my Gurudeva, I began worshiping Krishna in His idol form. I waited in my room for a long while…. Continue reading


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Krishna’s Love

Exactly 2 weeks ago from today, my mind began wondering, for the umpteenth time, whether there really is only one true religion in the world, and maybe I’m in the wrong one. So I thought let me pray. First, I prayed to Krishna to please reveal Himself to me. Then I prayed to God, without any hint of sectarian beliefs or distinction between religions – just the God of this creation, asking to know Him and worship Him the way He would like me to. I asked to be shown what the truth is and what the truth isn’t, so I would be able to distinguish which religion is bonafide.

So I logged on to http://www.krishna.com and there was a verse quoted:

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Eyesight restored after reading Bhagavad Gita

This is a personal story I found online on a forum. Please read it. It’s truly amazing.

“Hare Krishna!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!I offer my humble obeisances unto him.

I just read an article posted by a devotee explaining his experience. I got inspired by reading his story. So i thought i could post my experience as well, if it can inspire someone else. Continue reading


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A new drinking cup for Krishna!

One of the places I travelled to last week was Zurich. I bought a little steel cup as a souvenir for my friend. It’s maybe about three inches high, with the Swiss flag and ‘Switzerland’ written on it. So I gave it to my friend today, and she was going to open it, but kept it aside, thinking she’d open it later. Before I left, I told her to open it. So she did. And she sat there in shock, with goosebumps all over her. She went ecstatic! Turns out, she was just thinking about how she had been neglecting her ladoo gopal (a little Krishna deity that she has to take care of). She was thinking about starting to take care of the deity again, and she needed utensils. She was looking at her cups and they were all too big for the ladoo gopal. She had wished to get a smaller cup that would be suitable for the deity. And voila! She merely expressed this desire, and Krishna fulfilled it! My mother had seen these cups in Zurich in a shop we visited on a day tour, but we never purchased it. We then went looking around for it and couldn’t find it. My mother really wanted to buy these cups. She liked them a lot. So one day I was souvenir shopping, and I came across this shop that sold these little cups and we bought a few.  Looks like Krishna really wanted it too, huh 🙂

For more personal stories like these, please check the category, ‘Testimonies + Miracles +  Mercy Stories


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Miracles and Experiences in Krishna Consciousness

Here are true stories of miracles and profound experiences that have happened to me, my friends, my friends’ friends, and devotees all over the globe

  • This true story is about a woman and her family being haunted by a ghost for 9 years
  • Another story about how Bhaktivinode Thakur drove away a brahmana ghost
  • Nrishinga Deva saves his 5-year-old devotee [Note: Many other short stories of miracles related to Nrishinga Deva are in the comments section on the same page]
  • Krishna’s milk miracle Continue reading


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It’s been a long time, Blog…

I didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged in 2 and a half months!

And yet, I have no interesting stories to tell 😦

I met up with an old friend today. And I invited one of his friends along. I know her but not so well, she’s a bit different now… With a fake little accent, and really high heels, and a very gay way of talking which is so typical and predictable and so, “OMG i ❤ you” and “you’re so ugly, kill yourself. NOW.” Gah. She’s really nice but it’s a bit annoying when someone talks like that 24/7. Continue reading

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