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Krishna in My Dreams

This morning, I woke up feeling good because Krishna paid me a visit in my dreams =) Well, I was horribly lazy and a bit stressed out, to be honest, but the dream was very nice! And what followed was rather freaky.

The dream is rather vague now but I will try my best to remember it correctly. Cannot guarantee the exactness, though.

In my dream, Radha and I were in a room. And then Krishna came and Continue reading


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Once in a Lifetime

A few days ago, I got this message on Facebook saying that Friday 07/08/09 is going to one helluva day. The message said that at 12:34:56, dated 07.08.09, the time and date would be perfectly in ascending order for one second. This, as mentioned, is a very very rare happening and this occurrence has not been recorded since July 08, 1909.

So on Friday, I was online well past midnight. Continue reading

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