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Sleepless Night + 26 Qualities of a Devotee

It’s past 3 am and I just cannot sleep! I’m sick… AGAIN. Excess mucous, sore throat, stuffed nose, blocked ear… GRRRRRR! Well I’m feeling better now, though. I swear, I don’t know, call me crazy but before I chanted my round today, I prayed that Krishna would heal me. And oh my gosh, I started feeling better while chanting. Like I was finding it a lot easier to breathe. Cool beans, huh? 🙂 Continue reading

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Sick again + Wisdom tooth

I might be getting a throat infection again. My throat’s been hurting and I’ve had slight fever. I’ve been taking medicines and so I’m not too sick. I was in horrible pain about a week ago. My wisdom tooth was coming in. It was swollen and one side of my face shape is oval, but thanks to the wisdom tooth, only one side of my face was square-jawed. Continue reading

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Hello to my 2 and a half readers. I haven’t blogged in over a week. And my blog hits have barely changed.


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